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Location Feature: Bunny's Tavern

July 23, 2019

Here at Accel Entertainment, we consider our locations (and their owners) part of our family – and we love every opportunity to show off our family members! In this location feature, we are highlighting our partner establishment Bunny’s Tavern in Urbana, IL.

Bunny’s has been a part of the Urbana community since 1936, and though it is under new management now, it still retains the same heart and soul that has kept it in business for over 80 years. According to the current owner, Ben, keeping Bunny’s rooted in its traditions while adapting to current times is work, but not as difficult as he feared. In fact, one of the main reasons Bunny’s has become so iconic is its respect for the past and consistency in atmosphere and quality over the decades.

In recent years, Bunny’s Tavern has also been known for its annual Bunny’s Bash – a fundraising event to cover the costs of sending local children with muscular dystrophy and similar conditions to a special summer camp run by the Muscular Dystrophy Association (“MDA”). The tradition started six years ago when Bunny’s auctioned off a few drawings created by local children who attend the camp. After a fierce bidding war between some Bunny’s patrons, the drawings ended up going for $700! Now Bunny’s holds a much larger event at the end of spring in order to raise even more funds for the good cause. Held over the University of Illinois’ graduation weekend, Bunny’s Bash is the single largest fundraising event for MDA’s summer camp in central Illinois. This year, Bunny’s was able to raise over $52,000 – meaning they could sponsor 26 children to attend the summer camp!

When it comes to video gaming, Bunny’s owner Ben stated that gaming has always been a big part of Bunny’s business for many loyal customers.  Bunny’s loyal customers come for the good food and atmosphere and stay to enjoy the video gaming.  Now those customers can enjoy even more since Bunny’s is a participating location in Accel Entertainment’s Million Dollar Giveaway!

What sets Bunny’s apart from so many other bars in the Champaign-Urbana area? For many people, the restaurant still feels like a hidden gem in the town, despite its growing popularity over the years. For others, it is Bunny’s (and its staff’s!) dedication to making a difference in the local community. Either way, Accel is proud to be a partner of Bunny’s Tavern in Urbana, IL!

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