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Illinois Gaming Market

Location Double Feature: My Place Bar & Grill and The Cooler

December 25, 2019

Accel Entertainment is proud to partner with some of the most interesting and unique gaming locations in the state of Illinois. This month, the spotlight will be on two locations in northern Illinois who stand apart from the crowd thanks to their strong darts presence with Accel.

My Place Bar & Grill, Rockford, Ill.

My Place Bar & Grill in Rockford has been a valued Accel Entertainment partner since late 2012 when they went live with our video gaming in their establishment. Right from the start, owner Vic M. knew he wanted to partner with Accel Entertainment for his video gaming needs.

The Effects of Video Gaming in IllinoisWhen talking about why he chose to partner with Accel over other terminal operators, Vic says, “I liked the idea [of video gaming] and the way [Accel] was going to do it. That’s why I signed up with them. And after five years, I was really happy, so I re-signed with [Accel].”

But beyond just helping Vic with his video gaming, Accel Entertainment also became a dedicated darts partner for My Place Bar & Grill. During the winter, when local leagues are in full swing, darts bring in about 30% of My Place Bar & Grill’s total business according to Vic. Luckily, My Place Bar & Grill works closely with Illinois Darts, Accel’s premier darts organization. Through Illinois Darts, My Place Bar & Grill has the full support of Accel’s darts team, including a dedicated darts coordinator.

Speaking of his partnership with Accel Entertainment for both video gaming and darts, Vic says, “I would say anybody who wants to change their operator should contact Accel. They are a really good team. They help you out — all the way from application to installation.”

Want to hear more about Accel’s partnership with My Place Bar & Grill? See their full testimonial on the Illinois Dart’s website.

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The Cooler, Rock Falls, Ill.

The Cooler in Rock Falls is another one of Accel’s valued establishment partners, owned and operated by husband and wife team Rene and Kendra S. When asked why The Cooler decided to partner with Accel Entertainment for video gaming in 2012, Rene talks about how upfront Accel was when gaming went live. He says, “[Accel] explained how the gaming was going to work to us and what we had to do to prepare ourselves for the gaming.”

The Cooler is considered a darts hot spot in the local and surrounding areas, plays a huge role in The New call-to-actionCooler’s business, and they appreciate all the support that Accel has provided when it comes to their darts needs.

Thanks to their partnership with Illinois Darts, The Cooler also has access to Accel’s darts team — all of whom are industry experts when it comes to growing your business’s darts presence. Rene says of Mike A, The Cooler’s dedicated darts coordinator, “Mike is really good. Just about two or three times a week, he’ll send a text to everybody and say, ‘Good morning. I hope you guys have a good night tonight — unless you’re playing me!’”

The Cooler benefits greatly from their partnership with Accel Entertainment, especially since darts players often make use of The Cooler’s video gaming machines when they are waiting for their turn to play or in between games.

Ready to learn more about The Cooler’s success with Accel Entertainment? Check out their downloadable case study.

Accel Entertainment is proud to partner with such unique locations like My Place Bar & Grill and The Cooler, and we want to help you succeed in all aspects of your business as well. Reach out to us at hello@accelentertainment.com or give us a call at (866) 525-8504 to talk about how Accel Entertainment can help you find new success.

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