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Keeping Your Bar or Restaurant Safe and Secure

March 20, 2024

Businesses of all sizes and of all types deal with threats to their operations and, oftentimes, those threats come in the form of the very customers they are trying to serve. These threats can come in the form of theft, unruly behavior, property damage, and a myriad of other less-than-ideal outcomes. Keeping your location safe and secure is paramount for creating a welcome experience for your guests while also saving yourself from unnecessary costs like repairs. By no means are the following options a comprehensive list for dealing with security concerns, rather, this list contains a few relatively easy ways you can boost the safety for everyone within your establishment. 

Security Cameras

Security cameras are an amazing tool for keeping your bar safe and secure. Should anything go awry in your establishment such as lost or stolen items or damaged property, cameras afford you the opportunity to go back to see what actually happened. This can help eliminate a ‘he said, she said’ type of argument, allowing you to get to the truth of the matter.

Furthermore, the mere presence of security cameras can deter potential criminals and vandals as they will feel like there are always eyes on them.

Card Hard

Safeguarding your establishment from threats can also come in the form of checking the IDs of your patrons. Underage drinking in your bar or restaurant can be a major threat to your business as it can result in the loss of your location’s drinking license. Be sure to check the identification of everyone who gets a drink in your establishment to limit this risk.

Consider also hiring a bouncer on your busier nights in order to put less stress on your bar staff as they will have other issues to deal with than to worry about underage drinking.

Hire a Bouncer

Hiring a bouncer can benefit your location in other ways than just checking IDs. The presence of a bouncer can deter unruly behavior while also making your establishment feel more exclusive to your patrons.

It is important to properly train your bouncers, however. Train them on how to de-escalate issues that may occur and also teach them to look out for drunk drivers. Your bouncer can be a last line of defense in preventing a tragedy occurring from inebriated driving; train them on how to identify potential impaired drivers.

Do Not Over Serve

Everyone is in your location to have a good time but sometimes that good time can turn bad. Stress to your staff the importance of looking out for impaired guests and to cut off a patron should they get unruly. Someone drinking too much can pose a security risk to your patrons, your team members, and your physical location alike. Make your bar staff feel both supported and empowered to make a decision to cut someone off should the patron be inebriated. This will ultimately help you create a safe and secure environment within your location.


The above are just a few ways you can boost the security within your establishment. Following them can help you create the best possible environment for your guests. Read some of our other blogs on how you can help your small business prosper!

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