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Is Your Illinois Slot Machine Revenue Decreasing Because of Distraction?

September 26, 2017

A comfortable gaming environment is key to pleasing your players. Players will visit more often and stick around longer if they feel good in a gaming space. Prior to installing slot machines in bars, restaurants and other gaming locations across the state of Illinois, Accel Entertainment sends in technical experts to assess where a location’s gaming area will have the best chance of optimizing revenue. These areas are revisited frequently by Relationship Managers and maintenance techs to ensure success. According to our experts, we’ve come across a common problem: customer distraction.

Simply put, gaming locations in Illinois can fall prey to setting up their gaming machines in such a way that their customers either don’t want to use them for an extended period of time or aren’t even inclined to play them in the first place. Perhaps it’s because one machine is placed in an isolated, barely noticeable location. Or maybe the line for the women’s restroom goes right through the middle of the gaming area. Whatever the reason, it creates a distracting or off-putting environment for players who would otherwise be interested in these games.

If you’re worried you’re not optimizing your gaming revenue due to distraction in your gaming area, use this checklist to assess potential disruptions and annoyances: 

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Is your gaming area distracting? Answer these questions:

  1. Are any/all of your gaming machines right next to each other, with no space in between?
  2. Are any of them placed within three feet of a dining table or bar?
  3. Are any of them within 10 feet of an indoor game like billiards, darts, air hockey, foosball, etc.?
  4. Are your gaming machines in a room where people tend to have noisy and boisterous conversations?
  5. Is your gaming area next to a restroom?
  6. Are there any televisions or speakers that play loud sounds of any kind in or near the gaming area?
  7. Do packs of feral dogs wander through your gaming space periodically? (OK, that last one was just to make sure you were paying attention.)

If you answered “yes” to one or more of the above, you run a higher risk of distraction — and decreased gaming machine revenue. If this is a concern, contact your Accel Entertainment Relationship Manager immediately. Our experts will be able to further assess your gaming area to make recommendations for improving the space and potentially increasing your gaming revenue. 


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