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IGB Meeting Update: April 2024

April 29, 2024

The following notes are from the April 25th IGB meeting. Any charges and accusations included in this meeting summary are simply alleged at this point. Any disciplinary complaints herein are not final as individuals/entities have the right to appeal the Board’s decisions; they may be dismissed, settled, or otherwise disposed of in some manner at a future date.

Introductory Comments

 The IGB held its April open meeting this morning and all four Board members were present.  Administrator Marcus Fruchter began the meeting with a reminder about the IGB’s request for public commentary on the topic of temporary operating permits or more expedient licensing for video gaming locations in limited circumstances.  He acknowledges it is critical to consider stakeholder input on this topic.  All comments must be submitted to the IGB by 5:00 p.m. on April 30. 

Administrator Fruchter also addressed the topic of illegal gambling by reminding people only to place wagers with legal and approved (i.e., licensed by the IGB) casinos, sportsbooks and VGTs.  The unauthorized and illegal options offer no consumer protections, money laundering controls or responsible gaming oversight.  They are owned by individuals who have not undergone background checks and produce revenue that is not shared by the State or local municipalities in the form of tax revenue.  Administrator Fruchter encouraged people to use a portal available on the IGB’s website to report any prohibited conduct. 

As of today, Illinois has 15 operating casinos, 14 sportsbooks (13 of which are operating) and 59 Terminal Operators.  There are 8,556 licensed Establishments operating a total of 47,754 VGTs (47,392 of which have the $4 max bet software).  More than five VGTs are present in 6,129 Establishments. 

No public comments were heard today. 


In March, Illinois’ VGTs produced NTI of $276,390,729, which resulted in total tax of $93,971,567.  The State received $80,156,414, while local municipalities/counties got $13,815,153.  In the same period, Illinois’ casinos produced AGR of $152,291,102, which generated $31,887,332 of total tax.  The State took $22,686,797 and host communities retained $9,200,535.  In February (note that sports wagering reports results one month in arrears), Illinois’ sportsbooks generated AGR of $83,536,412, which created total tax of $13,452,316.  The State received $12,530,461 and Cook County took $921,855.  Between January and March (but only February for sportsbooks), Illinois’ gaming segments have generated a total tax of $366,693,314.  The State’s share is $302,603,240, while locals kept the remaining $64,090,074. 


Administrator Fruchter used his delegation of authority to grant a Supplier license to Landry Holdings LLC, d/b/a Casino Tech. 

The Board granted new Terminal Operator licenses to Gamacy LLC, Merrill Ridge LLC and Outplay Entertainment LLC.  The Board also issued 33 new Terminal Handler licenses and 4 Technician licenses.  Further, the Board rescinded its March denial and granted a new Terminal Handler license to James Daryck Bosley.  In contrast, the Board chose to issue a Notice of Non-Renewal of the Terminal Handler license issued to Justin Michael Heren.

The Board also approved 123 Establishment applications today, but issued Notices of Denial to the following four applicants:  (1) El Vallarta Sports Bar & Grill 2 Inc.; (2) Fairview BP Inc., d/b/a Sav-On Liquor & Wine #9; (3) Indian Tadko of Chicago LLC; and (4) Primo’s Lounge Inc.  Administrator Fruchter used his delegation of authority to deny La Fuente 4 Mexican Restaurant LLC as being statutorily ineligible to hold an Establishment license (this applicant is allegedly located too close to a place or worship). 

The Board issued Notices of Non-Renewal to the following Licensed Establishments:  (1) AR Oil Inc.; (2) Bryan’s Boondock’s, Inc.; (3) DGC 132012, Inc., d/b/a El Progresso Latino; (4) Maria’s Pizza of Amboy Inc.; and (5) YMPV, Inc., d/b/a Crave Bar & Food Joynt.

Request for Hearing:

The Board considered one Request for Hearing today from LaSheryl Doris Poole (a previously denied Terminal Handler applicant) but denied it for failing to comply with the IGB’s Rules. 

IGB’s next regularly scheduled meeting is June 6th


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