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IGB Meeting Update: March 2024

March 18, 2024

The following notes are from the March 14th IGB meeting. Any charges and accusations included in this meeting summary are simply alleged at this point. Any disciplinary complaints herein are not final as individuals/entities have the right to appeal the Board’s decisions; they may be dismissed, settled, or otherwise disposed of in some manner at a future date.

Introductory Comments

The IGB held its March open meeting this morning.  All four Board members attended the meeting.      

Administrator Marcus Fruchter mentioned that March is Problem Gambling Awareness Month.  He notes that the IGB is committed to maintaining the safety of Illinois gaming.  If you see buildings in Chicago with teal-colored lighting this month, think about responsible gaming. 

Public Comment Process – Video Gaming:

Administrator Fruchter indicated the IGB appreciates receiving public comments from stakeholders on rule proposals and ideas.  This process assists in improving the proposed rules and overall industry.  The IGB is open to considering ways to provide Establishment applicants with temporary permits or expedited licensing in narrow circumstances.  For example, if an applicant is owned by the same person or persons who are already vetted and approved by the IGB (i.e., the ownership group is currently operating other licensed Establishments), perhaps the IGB could issue an expedited license or temporary operating permit.  Administrator Fruchter noted that the IGB is not open to any expedited process for applicants on an overall basis. 

Public Commentary:

The IGB entertained a joint presentation by two speakers today, namely Grant Jones of Midwest Electronics Gaming and Jim Zorn of Thornton’s.  The speakers addressed the timeliness of the IGB’s processing and licensing of several pending applications from Thornton’s.  They emphasized that Thornton’s has invested significantly in Illinois to build truck stops.  The IGB licensed four of Thornton’s locations in February, but nine others remain pending.  Fruchter noted that the IGB has been responsive to the parties on this topic and is working diligently to move these and all applications through its process in an efficient manner. 


The IGB issued four new Technician licenses and 62 Terminal Handler licenses today, but also issued Notices of Denial to LaSheryl Doris Poole and James Daryck Bosley.  Further, the Board issued a Notice of Non-Renewal to Gary Scott Shelton for his Terminal Handler license. 

Further, the IGB approved 82 new Establishment licenses, with only one Notice of Denial (to Sergio’s Barbecue, Inc., d/b/a Rob’s Barbecue.  In addition, Administrator Fruchter used his delegation of authority to deny Chalkey’s Tavern, Inc. as statutorily ineligible to hold a license.  Finally, the Board rescinded the previous denial issued to Jay Maa Mogal LLC, d/b/a On the Rocks, thus giving 83 new licensees today. 

Economic Disassociations:

The Board instructed Gold Rush Amusements, Inc. to disassociate from Eli Rosenfeld and Rayleen Panicola, d/b/a RMSP Services, for allegedly failing to comply with IGB requests during the sales agent registration process. 

Request for Hearing:

The IGB entertained only one Request for Hearing this morning, denying the request from Jai Sriram Inc., d/b/a AM Star.  The Request for Hearing outlined a plan to come into future compliance with the Video Gaming Act’s requirements not to be within 100 feet of a place or worship, but that Request failed to state a prima facie case given the proposed solution is not a current reality. 

IGB’s next regularly scheduled meeting is April 25th

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