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How to Make the Most of Your Bar or Restaurant’s Social Media

December 7, 2022

By building online relationships, you can bring in people and create personal relationships. New customers may find you on social media and be interested in trying your establishment after seeing the content you are posting and what you have to offer. Following are some things to consider when creating content:

Know Best Practices

Make sure information on your social media is current so that customers can find accurate information about your business, including your hours of operation and address. If possible, on the platform include an option to make a reservation, and view your menu and what type of foods and drinks your establishment offers.

When it comes to posting on social media, do it frequently (three to seven times per week). Post stories multiple times a day and regular posts only once a day. Post relevant content on the appropriate platforms at the most appropriate times to receive the most engagement based on your audience. Later.com and Hootsuite are options to schedule your posts if you want to work ahead or find yourself too busy to post.

Think carefully on your captions because they will build your trust with clients. You may choose to use hashtags to get your company seen. This gives you an opportunity to create your own hashtag to really differentiate your company. It is important to remember to only use hashtags relevant to your company and not just go with what’s trending.

Interact With Your Audience

To be successful on social media, interaction with your customers is necessary. You can avoid difficult situations by responding to negative comments, showing customers you care about their opinions. If you are transparent when responding to negative reviews on Facebook, you are more likely to keep that customer. You can also improve all customers’ experiences by learning from reviews. Sometimes interaction can be automated by using Facebook Messenger chatbots so your customers can have their questions answered and you can gather information from them to use on future ads.

Post Various Forms of Content

Have an idea on the best spots in your restaurant to record and capture content. Make your posts unique to get customers’ attention. Explain why your company is the best option for what your customers are looking for with valuable information and insight, so they will pick you as their source. Post various forms of content to get customers’ attention without being too salesy.

Post pictures of your products, using high-resolution pictures for the best quality. Even if you’re not using a professional photographer with filters, you can still make your photos stand out. Reward your loyal customers by running contests and giveaways on social media to get people more engaged by giving them incentives for participation, while also widening your audience in the process.

Whether it is on Facebook or Instagram, short videos on your stories can be great for getting your customers’ attention. Use filters on your stories to show your personality and differentiate from the competition. You can also redirect your customers to other places you’d like them to check out (website, blog) using your stories. Use your posts to highlight things customers don’t normally see. When customers are highlighting you, make sure you’re sharing their content on your story so that people see that other people see you as a trusted source.

By being active on social media, you have access to millions of potential customers. Do you now feel more confident that you will make the most of your business’s social media?

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