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Three Things You Can Do with a Cashout Voucher

November 8, 2017

Your bar, restaurant, truck stop, VFW or other gaming location in Illinois has been up and gaming for some time. You’re seeing the slot machine revenue, your players are happy and you’ve gotten used to the subtle ‘ding ding ding’ noises coming from the machines. Things are going pretty well, but one question remains: what do you do with all of your cashout vouchers?

 If cashout vouchers are starting to litter your gaming area, the below ideas may help. They’ll keep your gaming area looking good, but also put those cashout vouchers to work:

Get a trash can.

This may seem like an obvious solution, but a lot of locations don’t provide a trash can near their redemption terminal. Players don’t want to have to walk around your establishment looking for a place to put their trash. You’re not only increasing the likelihood that they’ll leave the voucher somewhere you don’t want it, you’re also increasing the likelihood they’ll walk out the door.

Create a wall of winners

With a cork board and some tacks, you can create a wall of winners to display your players’ big wins. This not only gives those cashout tickets new life, it’s also exciting for other people to see – it may make them want to play, too.Social Media Starter Pack for Your Gaming Establishment

Post them on social media.

This again focuses on your bigger wins and takes the same wall of winners concept, but allows for more people to see it! Post pictures of big winner tickets to social media, perhaps with the big winner included in the shot (be sure to get their permission before posting). This is an easy and direct way to promote your slots.

 There you have it – three easy ways to reduce the clutter and litter in your gaming area and give your otherwise discarded gaming tickets purpose. If you’re not the creative type and any of the above seems interesting, but daunting, contact your Relationship Manager! They can point you in the right direction and in some cases even provide resources from Accel.


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