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Four Football Festivities for Your Bar

October 11, 2019

Football season is officially upon us! This is great news for bars across the country, since game days can lead to higher foot traffic for their business. If you want to truly capitalize on game day popularity, check out these fun festivities to promote your bar or restaurant this football season.

Football Fanatics Trivia

See who among your customers is truly the biggest football fanatic around and host a live trivia event on game days. Make it fun and competitive and be sure to throw in some little-known trivia facts about the teams playing that week. Don’t forget to offer an incentive to the winning individual or team, like a free appetizer. You can even give out gift cards as prizes, to encourage the winners to come back again soon. If you’re truly interested in hosting a football trivia throwdown, check out our other blog on How to Promote Your Trivia Event.

Sunday Football Food & Drink Specials

This might seem like an obvious one but create a little incentive to draw customers in the door. Advertise new game day specials and offer discounts on traditional game day foods and drinks. Popular game day options include wings, nachos, sliders, and of course, pitchers of beer. By advertising these promotions properly on social media and in your establishment, you can make your bar or restaurant the place to be for an inexpensive game day. Once you’ve brought these new customers through the door, they will be more inclined to visit your establishment every week and make visiting your place a game day tradition.

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Host a Biggest Fan Contest

You’ve heard of costume contests during the fall season, but not many bars capitalize on fall football season in the same way. Try hosting a “biggest fan” contest and encourage customers to compete over who can show the most team spirit each week. Even casual football fans are sure to have a t-shirt or a hat displaying their favorite team. But save the biggest prizes to the customers who come fully decked out in spirit ware (jerseys, foam fingers, painted faces – the whole nine yards!). Not only can you build excitement in your establishment every time you hold a contest, but the social media exposure you will get from customers taking pictures in their fan-wear is truly priceless. After all, your best marketers are your customers!

Cater to Your Fantasy Football Players

For many football fans, their fantasy football teams are even more important than the physical games being played every week. Fantasy football teams can bring in larger groups of people to your establishment and can be a huge boon to your regular business. One way to draw in fantasy football teams to your establishment is to offer specials for larger parties – like a discount on group appetizers or pizzas. And don’t forget to promote your free Wi-Fi! Fantasy football players will need to be able to check their players’ scores.

Football season can be a huge draw for local bars and restaurants, and its important for locations to capitalize on the opportunity the sports will bring. Running a new promotion can be one of the most impactful ways to take advantage of the increased football season business. Accel Entertainment is happy to help all of our partner establishments with creating engaging promotion strategies, reach out to us at hello@accelentertainment.com!





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