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Finding The Best Staff for Your Gaming Establishment

April 24, 2024

Whether you own a bar, restaurant, truck stop, or gaming parlor, if you’ve taken the step of becoming a video gaming establishment, it is especially important that you hire the best staff for your location. What exactly does that entail? Keep reading to find out Accel Entertainment’s thoughts on what it means to hire the best staff for your gaming establishment.

When it comes to hiring the right staff regardless of the establishment type, there are certain qualities every establishment should be looking for. Everything discussed in this section should be factored into your hiring strategy to ensure you are hiring exactly who you are looking for when filling open positions at your establishment.


When it comes to hiring, you will want to take a detailed look at your applicant’s resume to see if they are qualified for the position they are applying for. Take into account how much experience they have and what skills they bring to the table. Of course, different positions call for different requirements, but make sure you are hiring something you think can do the job.

Multiple Interviews

Depending on your hiring process, multiple interviews may be required before hiring a candidate. This is a good thing because it will not only show just how fit a candidate is for your establishment if they can make it through multiple interviews, but it will also allow other managers or team members of your establishment to conduct interviews with them. Multiple opinions are always a great way to better understand candidates because different interviewers may see things others don’t.


A person’s attitude is also something you will need to gauge. This employee will be consistently interacting with patrons and other team members, so it’s important to make sure they can do it in a positive manner. Reliability is also an important part of someone’s personality because you will need to be able to consistently depend on this employee to show up and do their job and be motivated to do it. Personality may be the most important factor in hiring because even if someone might not be immediately qualified, with the right personality and attitude they can be taught how to do it. Be open to offering potential employees a position different than what they may have applied for if you see something in them and want them to be a part of your establishment.

What we’ve discussed so far is a general idea of how you should be going about your hiring process. Now that we’ve covered the basics, we will now be discussing some of the video gaming responsibilities that will factor in hiring the right staff for your gaming establishment. You are going to hire your staff members for a reason, and whatever position they will be hired for it is important for them to know that they will need to be prepared for additional responsibilities from time to time because your establishment is also a gaming establishment.

Enforcing The Rules

Properly enforcing the rules will definitely come into play as an extra responsibility when working at a gaming establishment. This is where factoring in a candidate’s personality comes back into play. Your candidate may need to ensure that only individuals 21 years or older are using the slot machines in your gaming area. Some patrons may not be thrilled that they will be asked their age or potentially asked to leave the gaming area. Your potential candidate will need to be able to handle that pressure and be firm with patrons when needed.

Undergoing Additional Training

Does your potential candidate have an understanding of your slot machines, or will he or she need to be trained on them? This can mean explaining how some games work, being able to answer patrons’ questions on how they can redeem their winnings, and what to do if there is an issue with a slot machine and how long it may take for the issue to resolve. Luckily for Accel Entertainment locations, our 24/7 service is always available, and the average customer wait time is only 10 seconds. Additionally, for problems that can’t be solved over the phone, service technicians are then dispatched to take care of the problem.

Since your location is an Accel location, it qualifies for Accel’s free loyalty program, AE Player Rewards. With that comes advertising and potential increased foot traffic, but also more questions. Is your staff going to be able to accurately answer patrons’ questions regarding the ins and outs of AE Player Rewards including prizes and how to participate? Don’t think this will all fall on you, as Accel offers AE Player Rewards training to our locations to ensure your staff become experts on all things AE Player Rewards.

After reading this blog, Accel hopes you have a better understanding of the kind of employee you should be looking for the next time you decide to hire at your gaming establishment.

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