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Effective Ways to Communicate with Your Staff

May 15, 2024

As a gaming establishment in Illinois, your business has many components that lead to its success. One of the most important of those components is communication. Today, Accel Entertainment provides you with an overview of how to effectively communicate with your staff.

Communicating With Radios

Using radios or walkie talkies can be one way to communicate with your staff throughout the workday. Using radios allows management to communicate with staff and for staff members in other departments to communicate with each other. Communication between departments is essential for your establishment to function properly.

Important information can easily pass between everyone much quicker with radios than face to face interactions, especially during busy hours. It is important for each department to know what their roles are when new patrons are entering your establishment and if any changes are necessary. Last but not least, radios are crucial during emergencies. Radios allow other departments to know if any help is needed elsewhere. They also can let management know of medical emergencies which may need their attention or the attention of medical services. Any problem that has escalated can be communicated quickly with the use of radios. If you are looking to improve the overall customer experience of your establishment, then using radios to communicate can be a solution.

Having Meetings

Besides using radios, face-to-face interactions, such as meetings, are also a way to communicate effectively with your staff. These meetings can be anywhere from 15-30 minutes, but there doesn’t need to be a specific amount of time, it’s about giving yourself enough time to get out the important information. Team meetings are typically done before everyone’s shift begins, but if you are having a slow day and have the time, these meetings can also be done briefly during the workday, provided there isn’t too much information to go over.

These meetings serve to make sure your team knows their tasks and responsibilities for the day. Your meetings should leave your staff with a clear understanding of what is needed from them. This will lead to less questions asked throughout the day and smoother operations. This is especially important when your establishment is hosting a large event or promotion so that everyone knows its purpose, how it will run, and what their role is in it.

Part of your team’s assigned responsibilities should be reporting important information back to you. You can’t be everywhere at once, and that is why it is important to listen to your staff’s findings from each department in your establishment. By examining these findings, you can learn and make improvements to your establishment. Come to these meetings ready to listen to what your staff has to say.

You should also take the opportunity to praise outstanding staff members and acknowledge birthdays and work anniversaries. Important updates or policy changes to your establishment such as updated standard procedures and sanitation protocols can also be communicated during these meetings, as well as concerns you have with your staff and what is needed to resolve them.

Whether these are team meetings or one on one, go in open minded and make sure to listen to your employees’ feedback. This also means having an open-door policy before and after meetings, so that your employees can come to you to express their thoughts or present their ideas.

Effective communication doesn’t happen overnight, so incorporating what we’ve discussed today into your establishment’s regular routine can set you on the right path. Do you feel more confident that you will communicate effectively with your staff in the future? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to check out our other informative blogs.

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