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Drive Traffic to Your Events with the AE Street Team

March 1, 2023

The AE Street team consists of dedicated Accel team members who are here to help with our partner locations’ events. Their goal is to bring in foot traffic to your location and assist in whatever event your establishment is hosting. There are so many benefits to having the AE Street Team present at your next event!

The AE Street Team is located across the state, meaning wherever your establishment is located, the AE Street Team can be there. Nothing is required from your location except room for set-up! The AE Street Team comes equipped with Accel-branded marketing materials and will set up their promotional materials on their own!

Having more people attend an event always adds to the fun. The AE Street Team brings more people into locations with their fun prize wheel.  During the AE Street Team’s one to two hour visit to your location, each customer that shows proof of checking into AE Player Rewards gets to spin the wheel for a prize!
Yes, the AE Street Team brings fun prizes to win, but they are also there to help encourage check ins to AE Player Rewards as well. The AE Street Team educates patrons about our AE Player Rewards program and the fun current promotions your location might be hosting or offering through the Accel Loyalty Engine (ALE). This turns your location into a hotspot for players to return to check in for their chance to win and to participate in one of your future promotions or events.

Gaining access to the Accel Loyalty Engine (ALE) is a valuable perk that comes with opting in for an AE Player Rewards kiosk. ALE provides your location with valuable information on your patrons and their habits, and its innovative marketing features allow you to create virtual punch cards and craft customized emails and text messages to keep your patrons engaged and informed on current and upcoming events you’re hosting!
When you’re thinking about hosting your establishment’s next event, why not consider hosting a customizable co-op promotion with Accel? Accel offers a variety of co-op promotions to our partner locations such as fun interactive activities like Plinko and Spin the Wheel, promotions for every sport imaginable, or simple promotions like punch cards and scratch off cards.

The AE Street Team is here to help support establishments who have a pre-existing event or something worth celebrating such as a Grand Opening, Anniversary, New Gaming Room Reveal, or simply an Entertainment Night with a band or live radio host.  Whatever event you may be considering, the AE Street Team will be there to support you!

For more information on having the AE Street Team present at your event, email Accel at hello@accelentertainment.com

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