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Different Types of Illinois Liquor Licenses

March 30, 2022

Do you know how many different types of liquor licenses there are in Illinois? There are 21 types of licenses. If you didn’t know, it’s OK. We are here for guidance! Obtaining a liquor license can be complicated; but by staying organized, establishments should be able to easily complete the process.

It’s always beneficial to understand the types of establishments around you, and you can begin expanding your knowledge right here. Accel has developed a guide for establishments to follow to obtain their liquor license in the state of Illinois. Find all that is required, along with detailed steps here.

Step 1: Obtaining Your Local Liquor License

Step 2: Gathering the Required Documents

Step 3: Obtaining Your State Liquor License

The most relevant type of state liquor license is the retailer license, because it is one that allows a location to have gaming. A retailer’s liquor license is defined by allowing the licensee to sell and offer for sale at retail — only at the premises specified in the license — alcoholic liquor for use or consumption. But first, you’ll need to obtain a local liquor license as mentioned. The most direct way to acquire your local liquor license is to get in touch with your local government sooner rather than later.

Once you obtain a local liquor license, your next step is to apply for your state liquor license. You’ll want to prepare for your application by gathering all necessary documents for the state liquor license application. In order to apply for your Illinois state liquor license, you will need to supply a variety of documents to the Illinois Liquor Control Commission (ILCC).

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To apply for your state retailer’s liquor license, you will need to provide the following documents*:

  • Certificate of Insurance
  • Current Local Liquor License
  • Prior Illinois State Liquor License (if applicable)
  • Bulk Sales Release Order – Address Release (Illinois Department of Revenue)
  • Proof of Purchase (e.g., bill of sale or closing statement of the property)
  • Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN)
  • Illinois Sales Tax Account ID

*Please see application for further specifications

When you have gathered all of the required documents as mentioned above, you are ready to apply for your state retailer’s liquor license! The application fee for your retailer’s liquor license is $750.00, which will need to be made by check. Keep in mind the processing time for a retailer liquor license is approximately 3-10 business days. The application includes instructions and lists all supporting documents necessary to obtain the license; you can find the application on the ILCC’s website here or by contacting the ILCC directly.

Maximizing Your Liquor License With Video Gaming

Once you have filled out the entire application and sent it in for review, your last step is to wait for your response from the ILCC. When restaurants or other establishments acquire a liquor license, it’s usually for one purpose: to serve alcohol. And while that may be the main benefit of having a liquor license, there are other advantages as well — particularly in Illinois.

The primary way to maximize your Illinois liquor license is by adding video gaming to your business. For restaurants in the state of Illinois, obtaining a liquor license can make a huge difference. Video gaming can provide an additional revenue stream to your business to help increase your profits, plus video gaming can entice new patrons to visit your business.

Now that you have an understanding of Illinois licensing, it is important to note that obtaining your liquor license is crucial to getting gaming in your location(s)!

To learn more about how to add video gaming to your business, contact us at hello@accelentertainment.com.

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