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Boost Customer Engagement with TouchTunes

April 12, 2023

Are you a small business owner looking to inject some fun and excitement into your gaming venue? Look no further than TouchTunes, the company behind the most advanced jukeboxes on the market!

Found in over 65,000 bars and restaurants throughout the world, TouchTunes is a great addition for any small business looking to generate revenue, boost customer engagement, and/or create new opportunities for growth. With innovative music visualizations, advanced LED lighting, intuitive music profiles, and dynamic learning to go along with a fully licensed music catalog, these jukeboxes will be extremely popular with your patrons and staff alike.

How TouchTunes Can Help Your Establishment

Did You Know?: Accel locations, on average, experienced an increase of over $7,000 in gross revenue per year after adding TouchTunes.*

Ella Fitzgerald once said that “music is the universal language… it brings people closer together” and it is that sentiment which points towards TouchTunes being a major opportunity for small business owners. Everyone loves music, but not everyone has the same taste in songs. TouchTunes represents a way to circumvent this issue - giving everyone the chance to listen to their favorite music while also serving as an additional source of revenue for your business. However, the value that TouchTunes can bring to your business cannot only be judged by just the money the jukebox takes in but also through less measurable metrics.

TouchTunes can also be a huge boost for customer engagement within your venue. When your patrons hear the music that they requested play, it incentivizes them to stay at your location longer and spend money on your businesses’ other offerings. Furthermore, this makes the overall customer experience better for your guests, increasing their loyalty to your business.

The #1 Jukebox Mobile App

The TouchTunes mobile app lets anyone be the DJ and take control of the music in thousands of bars and restaurants - without even leaving their seat! Featuring a simple but innovative music-first design, the app acts like a remote control for the jukebox, allowing users to search for and listen to their favorite songs like never before. 

Equipped with features designed with your customers in mind, the TouchTunes mobile app brings a new and exciting dimension to the jukebox experience. Connect to your customers with ease through custom welcome messages, real-time notifications, mobile customer support, reward loyal patrons with free music credits, and so much more! The TouchTunes mobile app gives business owners the opportunity to engage with their customers on an entirely new level,

New From TouchTunes

The Fusion model is the newest jukebox from TouchTunes. Made from real oak and featuring the industry’s first no-wire, component to component design, the Fusion is a great addition to any establishment looking to add to its own unique aesthetic. Typically, the Fusion model looks similar to half of a barrel making it the perfect addition for pubs and breweries. However, if you feel like that doesn’t really match your location’s style, TouchTunes lets you customize the model to fit your venue’s unique vibe.

This new addition to the TouchTunes inventory has already proven to be extremely popular with business owners due to its customer centric design and features designed to make collecting from the machine super easy - enabling owners to collect in a matter of seconds!


Want to learn more about TouchTunes or curious about how to add one to your establishment? Send us an email at hello@accelentertainment.com to see if we can help you out!


*According to 2022 internal reporting

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