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Big Updates to AE Player Rewards

October 5, 2022

Autumn has arrived and we have a bunch of new and exciting things happening in AE Player Rewards these next three months. It’s the fourth quarter of the year, winter’s right around the corner, and there couldn’t be a better time for locations with AE Player Rewards!

Current Giveaways, Multiplier Days, and Status-Level Giveaways are just the start! Over 5,000 winners will share cash giveaways and Status-Level upgrades! There are plenty of opportunities for AE Player Rewards members to finish the year off right!

Current Giveaway Rundown

Let’s go over the details of what our AEPR members will experience in each month:
  • In October, there’ll be 4 Current Giveaway periods, a one-day Gold Gift Giveaway with 1,200 winners receiving a pair of hand-warmers, Silver Status-Level Giveaways, and 125 Instant Win Opportunities totaling over 1,600 winners sharing $75,000+.

  • In November, there’ll be 2 Current Giveaway periods, another one-day Gold Gift Giveaway with 1200 winners receiving a throw blanket, Silver Status-Level Giveaways, and 107 Instant Win Opportunities adding up to 1,600+ winners sharing $75,000+.

  • And finally, in December, there’ll be 20 $100 winners EVERY DAY! 10 from the North and 10 from the South, plus the final one-day Gold Gift Giveaway with 1200 winners receiving a wireless charger, Silver Status-Level Giveaways, 150 Instant Win Opportunities, and the Quarterly Status-Level Giveaway! That’s over 2,000 winners with $200,000+ to win!

Gold Gift Giveaways

It’s worth going for Gold! As mentioned above, some of our most loyal customers, the Gold Status-Level holders, will have opportunities to earn extra prizes this quarter! Each month, until the end of the year, we’ll be holding the brand-new Gold Gift Giveaways! These one-day giveaways will feature prizes that’ll cover much of winter’s necessities! In October, the prize is hand-warmers (perfect for Illinois winters), in November, the prize is a cozy throw blanket, and finally, in December, it’s a wireless charger for all of your travelling needs! With AE Player Rewards, we love to give back to the patrons who have proven themselves to be true and dedicated fans of our rewards program. It IS the season of giving!

Quarterly Status-Level Giveaways

To wrap up this year, we’ll be having another Quarterly Status-Level Giveaway at the end of December! This means two Member Status-Level holders winning $10,000 each, two Silver Status-Level holders winning $15,000 each, and two Gold Status-Level holders winning $25,000 each! Visit an Accel Entertainment location and check-in before December 31st to enter these Quarterly Status-Level Giveaways!

Prize Patrol

The AE Prize Patrol is also back and better than ever! Between October and December, we’ll be visiting a ton of locations to host Prize Patrol events! These events will have Plinko, Money Machine, and Spin The Wheel! With twice the number of vans comes twice the amount of fun for customers!

We are so excited for these upcoming months. To view prizes, rewards, and our monthly prize calendar, keep up with us on social media, or visit us at aeplayer.com. Interested in making the switch to Accel and joining AE Player Rewards? Reach out to us at hello@accelentertainment.com!

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