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New to Social Media Marketing? Avoid These Common Mistakes!

October 7, 2020

If you’re just starting out with social media marketing, you’re bound to make some mistakes here and there. But the more you know about the common pitfalls of social media, the less likely you’ll be to repeat them.

Do not hide from social media. It is here to help! Advancing technology has changed marketing forever since consumers are now able to access information that was once held in the hands of businesses. The way we communicate online is different, so businesses should not only be communicating on a variety of channels, they should also be prepared to continue those conversations across all channels.

One of the most common marketing mistakes that businesses make is dismissing the potential of social media and the value of personalized experiences. With messaging apps and social media, it creates a way to talk with more people, more frequently. Conversational marketing can drive up your awareness by reaching new audiences on different channels or giving people a more convenient way to get in touch with support.

Social Media Marketing

New call-to-actionYour social media marketing must be approached the same way you approach planning for any other marketing campaign. As you are developing your strategy, consider using a conversational marketing approach and also notice how it can affect every part of your business. You should have specific goals, budgets and a concrete plan of action that outlines what you are trying to accomplish, how you will achieve your goal, how you will measure results, and what resources you will need to allocate.

The first important step to capitalize on is ways to reach consumers through social channels by successfully incorporating social media into your marketing efforts. Often businesses will make the mistake of sporadically posting things to their social media accounts and sharing their content here and there, trying to attract followers or customers. Avoid a random approach since that is not social media marketing; that is having no plan in place.

If you manage to put together an effective social media strategy ahead of the competition, you will have the upper hand.

What to Avoid

It is easy to make mistakes with your marketing strategy, and a significant part of figuring out what works for your target audience is trying new things to see what works. But specifically, with social media, there are some key points to consider avoiding that will keep you from reaching your full potential.

Five Common Mistakes:

  1. Ignoring data – Make sure to analyze and stay on top of your data to know what actions to take and plan into your marketing strategy.
  2. Going off topic – While ensuring that your posts are always interesting and keeps consumers informed, also keep the information you post on your social profiles relevant.
  3. Being impersonal – Customers want to feel like they are talking to a person who cares for their concerns, questions, and business, therefore, you should approach customers on a personal level.
  4. Outdated content – As people explore your page and decide to follow you, they are expecting you to post something of value.
  5. Reposting – Remember the art of differentiation as you consider what content to put out there. Make sure it is not more of the same.


By avoiding the five mistakes above and thinking through your social media strategy, you will be better able to attract and retain followers. By keeping them engaged, you will also be far more likely to turn them from followers into customers, and even better into loyal and repeat customers.

Key Things to Remember:

  • Is the story I am presenting interesting?
  • Does my story provide value to my followers?
  • Are my posts only asking people to purchase products and services?






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