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10 Tips to Refresh Your Facebook in 2023

January 4, 2023

Facebook is a fantastic tool for connecting with family, friends, and people who share common interests. It’s also one of the most important ways an establishment like yours can engage with customers and attract new ones with the click of a button. Let’s go over a few ways you can refresh your Facebook to leverage your business.

1. Business-only posts

Try to keep your business’s Facebook page as “professional” as possible. Anything from new food specials to announcing a new pool table is totally fine. However, posting your family pictures or personal weekend activities on your business page might not be the best thing to do.

2. People love photos

People love seeing photos of your establishment, as well as food and drink offerings. Whether they’re new in town and want to eat at an awesome restaurant or they’ve been around for a while and want to try something new, visitors always want to see pictures of the place before they go. Post a featured cocktail or even a delicious appetizer! Have fun with it.

3. Announcements

Your Facebook page is also a great place to make important announcements. Things like closures due to weather, new weekend specials, and other things you want to make your loyal customers aware of.

4. Engaging with customers

Your customers leave comments under your posts for many reasons. However, two of the most common are statements, whether positive or negative, or questions. Responding to these comments in a constructive manner can show to your page visitors that you care about their input!

5. Polls

A great way to refresh your Facebook page and make your followers feel included is to provide them with options in regards to your establishment. Things like polls really show that you want to do what’s best for your customers. Don’t know what special to run Saturday night? Having trouble deciding between darts, pool, or bingo? Ask your customers! Polls are a fantastic way to see what your customers really want.

6. Spread the love

See something interesting in the realm of your industry? Share it! See a post highlighting your establishment? Leave a comment saying thanks! Facebook is a two-way road of interactions. Obviously, your followers will interact with you, but also make sure to leave likes and comments on the things you like to see, as long as it has to do with your industry. This will, in turn, attract more people to visit your page!

7. Facebook Headers

Keep your Facebook header updated! It’s really easy to just “set it and forget it”, but your followers will appreciate the time and care you take to keep your page fresh. Maybe make a seasonal version of your header (snow in Winter, flowers in Spring, etc.) or have Holiday versions to replace on certain days (shamrocks on St. Patrick’s Day or a big turkey on Thanksgiving)!

8. Videos

Static images are great, but a bit of movement on your Facebook page will brighten it up and separate yours from the rest. Cocktail highlights, new gaming machines, and food specials; there’s so much to make videos about at your location! Your followers want to see what new stuff you have!

9. Know your audience

Facebook is by-and-large a tool. A tool to gauge what your customers like, don’t like, want to see more of, and could do without. Research which posts get the most likes. See what posts draw the most commenters. Balance is key but knowing what your visitors like seeing is, by far, the most important reason to refresh your Facebook.

10. Have fun with your page

You cannot treat your Facebook page as a chore. Even if your page is business oriented, that doesn’t mean it can’t be exciting. Your followers want a lively page to visit and see posts from. Getting robotic with your posts or not posting for a while will turn people away. Enjoy yourself!

Refreshing your business' Facebook page is something you should consistently do. Increases in likes, more comments being left, and ultimately more people visiting your establishment are the main benefits in doing so. An easy task for a huge reward!

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