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10 Festive Cocktails to Spice Up Your Holiday Menu

December 4, 2019

While the holiday season for many people means vacation and time off, if you operate a restaurant or bar, it may be your busiest time of year. And considering everyone’s in a festive mood during the season, you may want to change up your menu to reflect that.

Here are 10 festive cocktails you can add to your menu to make your establishment stand out during the holiday season:

  1. Pecan Pie Martini

When you think of festive drinks, you likely imagine the winter holiday season. But Thanksgiving is also an opportunity for festivities. This Pecan Pie Martini is six ounces of RumChata, six ounces of crème de cacao, and three ounces of bourbon. You then add chopped pecans around the lip of the glass and even in the drink if you like. If you really want to recreate the full pecan pie experience, add some whipped cream on top.

  1. Christmosas

Mimosas are a classic brunch beverage, but if you’re looking to change it up a little for the holiday season, add some Christmosas to your menu. Simply add two Granny Smith apples, fresh cranberries, green grapes, pomegranate seeds, sparkling grape juice and a bottle of champagne in a large pitcher or bowl and stir. You can serve this as a holiday brunch alternative.

  1. White Christmas Margaritas

You may or may not be dreaming of a white Christmas this holiday season, depending on how you feel about shoveling snow, but we guarantee your customers will be dreaming of these White Christmas Margaritas. Very similar to a regular margarita, the White Christmas Margarita is made with coconut milk to give it the snowy white color. We’d also suggest using sugar around the rims instead of salt and using cranberries as a garnish.

  1. Drunk Jack Frosties

Usually Jack Frost is nipping at your nose during the holiday season, but not with Drunk Jack Frosties.. Drunk Jack Frosties are a mix of vodka, champagne, blue curacao and lemonade. Add sugar around the rim for a truly “frosty” experience.

  1. Sugar Cookie Martini

The best part of the holiday season, besides drinking, is eating holiday cookies. Why not combine these activities with the Sugar Cookie Martini? Simply combine milk, Baileys, vanilla vodka and amaretto. Then cover the rim of your glasses in vanilla frosting and sprinkles to truly emulate the holiday sugar cookie experience.

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  1. Mistletoe Mules

Moscow Mules are a popular drink choice at many bars. But why not add a little festive spirit to this classic for the holiday season? The Mistletoe Mule is the same as the Moscow Mule, except you add pomegranate seeds, ginger beer, mint sprigs and candy canes as a garnish to give it that little festive taste.

  1. Santa Claus-mopolitan

People will order the Santa Claus-mopolitan just because of the name alone. It’s similar to a regular Cosmopolitan, with vodka, cranberry juice, triple sec, lime juice and cranberries. It should come out a deep, rich red color that will remind everyone of Santa’s uniform.

  1. Santa Hat Jell-O Shots

Are you looking to have a rowdier holiday season? Why not kick-start the party with these Santa Hat Jell-O Shots? Simply combine vodka and gelatin, pour into plastic shot cups and place them in a freezer. After the shots set, add some whip cream on top and then a strawberry to act as the hat.

  1. Cranberry Mojitos

Cranberries are a popular ingredient during the holiday season. So why not make them the star in this mojito recipe? Simply combine cranberry juice, seltzer water, lime juice, rum, mint leaves and honey, and you’ve got a cran-tastic twist on a classic cocktail.

  1. Eddie’s Extra Boozy Eggnog

If you’ve ever seen National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, you may remember Cousin Eddie’s eggnog was a huge hit. You can recreate that yourself this year. Either buy eggnog or make your own, and then mix it with whipped cream, rum and bourbon, and you’ll have a cocktail just as popular as the movie itself.

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