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Nebraska Skill Gaming Industry

What is a Cash Device Distributor?

December 14, 2022

Nebraska Skill Gaming was legalized in 2019. With said legalization, doors were opened to Cash Device Distributors. If an establishment wants to add gaming, a Cash Device Distributor is the way to go. Before we get into what Cash Device Distributors are, let’s go over some basics about Skill Games.

What are Skill Games?

To start, a Skill Gaming machine looks very similar to a machine that you’d see in a casino. A person inserts money into the gaming machine in order to legally gamble. However, these are called Skill Games because the individual player has control of the game rather than their odds of winning being based on chance like a typical slot machine.


What are Cash Device Distributors?

Cash Device Distributors, also known as Route Gaming Operators, are the ONLY legal way an establishment can purchase and house Skill Gaming machines within their establishment. A Cash Device Distributor should offer the most up-to-date games, service the machines the Skill Games are on, and maintain the machines after installation at a location. Without those three main factors, a Cash Device Operator will never maintain a respectable impression on the Skill Gaming community, nor will they fulfill the expectations of the establishment owners who house their games.


What’s an example of a good Cash Device Distributor?

Cash Device Distributors should work hand-in-hand with the location. At Accel, we like to think of our establishment owners as partners. We use updated statistics to maximize revenue at our locations, provide Redemption Terminals for efficient payouts for your customers, offer Service Solutions 24 hours a day so your machines are in prime shape, provide best-in-class marketing support, and more. (link Nebraska home page). Communication and reliability are what we strive to maintain. If one of our partners has a vision involving Skill Games at their establishment, we will do as much as we can to help make it a reality.


Skill Gaming is still relatively new in Nebraska! With so many games and machines, it would help to learn the basics.

Before heading out to an Accel location, make sure you know about Skill Games and how to play them!

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