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Nebraska Skill Gaming Industry

How to Play Skill Gaming Machines in Nebraska

April 12, 2023

In 2020, Nebraska legalized Skill Gaming. Skill games are the main type of cash device found in establishments across the state. When compared to typical pull-lever slot machines, skill games are a bit more complicated. That’s why we, at Accel Entertainment, are here to help.

What are Skill Games?

To start, a skill gaming machine looks very similar to a machine that you’d see in a casino. A person inserts money into the gaming machine in order to legally gamble. However, these are called skill games because the individual player has control of the game rather than their odds of winning being based on chance like a typical slot machine.

What’s the difference between slots and Skill Games?

It’s important to note the difference between playing a typical slot machine and a Nebraska skill game. A slot machine is a game of chance. The player spins the wheels and hopes for the symbols to line up on a winning payline. If they don’t, then they lose their placed wager for that spin. On a Nebraska skill game, the player is given a chance to redeem their spin instead of losing everything without a chance of redemption.

How do I play Skill Games?

These machines are called skill games because the player is actively using skill the entire time. For example, when a player spins the reels and they match up two of the three symbols, they are presented with a free chance to “nudge” the final wheel to the symbol they need in order to have the highest payout possible on their winning bet line. This opportunity given by the machine is called a “Skill Check.” However, there is one stipulation: when presented with this Skill Check, the machine puts the player on a time limit, so they have to make sure they watch the clock!

Whether they’re games of chance or games of skill, gaming machines vary depending on the laws in each state where they are permitted. Make sure you know your terms and definitions if you plan on adding skill gaming to your Nebraska business!

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