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Missouri Video Gaming Industry

Why Your Missouri Establishment Should Sign Up for Video Gaming

May 25, 2021

Missouri is currently considering legislation to allow video gaming in licensed establishments. Should the State approve regulated video gaming machines, you'll want to be prepared to take advantage. There's no better way to prepare than partnering with Accel Entertainment as your Terminal Operator!

Terminal Operators are officially licensed entities that own, service and maintain video gaming terminals (regulated slot machines) for placement in licensed video gaming establishments. Good Terminal Operators should provide more than just gaming machines, they should be a partner in every aspect of your business.

While Missouri video gaming has yet to be officially legalized, it can be extremely beneficial for interested locations to sign up with Terminal Operators as soon as possible. By getting ahead of the game, your Terminal Operator can begin collecting the necessary documentation and licenses for your eventual gaming application. By signing up with a Terminal Operator early, you can also optimize and fine-tune the placement of your potential gaming area.

As the Missouri gaming market gets ready to expand, more and more Terminal Operators will begin to crop up in the market. As a business owner new to video gaming, what should you be looking for in the perfect Terminal Operator?

  • How often will the Terminal Operator visit your location? Will you have a dedicated account manager to take care of your unique needs?
  • What does their preventative maintenance program look like? How long does it take for a technician to come out and service a broken machine?
  • How often will you receive your revenue statements?

This is the bare minimum of what you should look for in a Terminal Operator. If a potential Terminal Operator cannot answer these simple questions, you may be better off finding an alternative.

At Accel Entertainment, we strive to be a true business partner for our locations from day one. We have dedicated Relationship Managers who are ready to discuss the perfect layout for your future gaming area, what to expect from municipal regulations, and how to optimize your marketing efforts to promote video gaming.

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