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Game Guide: Seven 7 Seven

October 4, 2023

Welcome to Seven 7 Seven, an exciting jungle adventure that is sure to satisfy your skill gaming needs!

Game Play

To begin the game, start by touching the Reveal buttons to raise or lower the Reveal amount. When the Reveal Increase button is selected, lines one through eight will sequentially increase. Hit the Spin button to spin the reels. The goal is to line up symbols show on the payout table to create a winning combination. This game pays left to right and/or top to bottom. Only the highest win will be paid out on each selected line. All prizes are multiplied by Reveal per line. The minimum Reveal is $0.10 and the maximum Reveal is $1.00.

The symbols featured in the Seven 7 Seven skill game include apples, watermelons, oranges, grapes, lemons, cherries, ANY BAR, ANY SEVEN, BELLs, RED SEVEN, BLUE SEVEN, SILVER SEVEN, and of course 777!

Hot Bar Feature

When a the reels land on a winning combination on the payline, the Hot Bars Skill Feature will appear on the screen. The Hot Bars feature will determine the percentage of win you will get ranging from 90% to 110%. Using your skill hit the play button to stop the Hot Bar. The goal would be to land on the 110% bar to maximize winnings.

Follow Through Feature

The Follow Through Feature of this game is another skill element that is completely optional for a player. This gives the player the option and ability to “win back” some of their funds. To begin this feature, touch the “TOUCH HERE TO FOLLOW THRU” message on the screen.

Nine multi-color circle symbols will be displayed on the screen. Follow the prompts and correctly touch the symbols in the same sequence that they appear in. Each round, an additional symbol will be added to the sequence. Correctly select the symbols on all 9 rounds to win the BONUS giving the player the ability to receive 106% of their winnings.

If you thought one seven was a lucky number, you haven’t seen anything yet! Test your skill with Seven 7 Seven!