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Game Guide: Riches of The Jungle

June 7, 2023

There are riches all around you, all you have to do is look! Why not start your search with Riches of The Jungle?!

How To Nudge

Similar to many other popular games in Nebraska, in order to be successful while playing Riches of the Jungle you will need to utilize your skill to nudge the reels in order to create winning combinations. To being playing, press the PLAY button to spin the reels. This specific game will let you continue to spin until a potential win is shown on the screen. At this point, the game will stop and all three reels will show RAISE and LOWER buttons on the top and bottom of each reel. As the player, you will need to make the decision on which reel to nudge that will result in a winning combination on the center payline. Once you’ve determined what RAISE or LOWER button to select, touch the screen to nudge the reels either up or down. The goal is to line up 3 matching symbols on the center payline. If you choose incorrectly, no winnings will be awarded.

Temple Bonus

The Temple Bonus will activate when 3 BONUS symbols lineup on the center payline. . When this feature is activated, the game screen will transition into a temple and will display a tower of prize wheels. The wheels contain prizes and advance arrows. The bonus begins with the bottom-most wheel spinning. If the wheel stops on an advance arrow, the next wheel up will begin to spin. This continues until a wheel stops on a prize. If the wheel stops on a prize value, that prize is awarded and the bonus ends.


The WILD expands upwards upon landing, replacing the three reels above it to spell WILD. When a spin is won with the WILDS feature, the player has the ability to utilize a respin. During this feature you have the ability to win one of the three different additional functions available during the respin. These functions include additional paylines, a random multiplier, or a symbol change. If a second WILD lands on a respin, another respin will become available. All active enhancements remain active for the second respin.

Symbol Swap- During a respin, if the spin lands on a losing payline the Symbol Swap function may be available allowing you to change the symbol and create a winning payline.

Paylines Added- On a respin, up to 4 additional paylines may be added to the board for the current turn. These paylines remain active for the remainder of the turn.

100 Multiplier- On a respin, a multiplier may drop which multiplies the board wins by the value shown. This multiplier will apply to all board wins for the remainder of the turn.

Go on an unforgettable jungle adventure and find riches beyond your wildest dreams! This is Riches of The Jungle!