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Game Guide: Fast Ball

November 1, 2023

If you haven't checked out Trestle Gaming's latest game Fast Ball what are you doing?! This new game is like other games you may have played and is quick and easy to play and WIN!

Game Play

Fast Ball’s base game play involves the player choosing 2-10 numbers on the screen in an attempt to match them to the 20 numbers (1-100) that are revealed after the player presses “Play Game”. The more numbers the player is able to match, the higher their payout. If the very last revealed number is a hit (or match), then the player’s entire payout will be multiplied by 4. Players can touch the “Wipe Card” button to clear their chosen numbers or they can choose to let their numbers ride again in between games. "The player can also use the "Quik Pick" option to let the game randomly select numbers for them,"

Hot Bar Feature

After the player has their big win, hot bars will appear on the screen. Players will then choose where the bar stops, which will correlate to a score ranging from 90% to 110%. The player's actual winnings will be determined by where the bar lands - meaning that for every win, a player will win somewhere between 90% and 110% of the total. With the opportunity for 110% of the total win, the player will have the chance to earn more than what appears on the screen!

Follow Thru Feature

  • If the basic game win is less than or equal to the total reveal, the message “TOUCH HERE TO FOLLOW THRU” will appear in the message bar. At this time, touch the message bar to enter FOLLOW THRU BONUS. This feature will let the player earn back some of their funds that were not successful wins.
  • Nine symbols will be displayed on the BONUS screen. To answer correctly, touch the symbols in the correct animated pattern. Each time the symbols are touched correctly, an additional symbol will be added to the pattern.
  • Match nine patterns to win BONUS, which can make the total win become 106% of the total reveal.

Put your speed to the test and play Fast Ball today!