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Game Guide: Buffalo of The White Tundra

May 3, 2023

Are you looking to test your skills on one of our top-of-the line games?? Buffalo of The White Tundra may be just what you’re looking for!


How To Nudge

In order to be successful while playing this game, you will need to utilize your skill to nudge the game to create a successful winning combination.   To begin playing, press the PLAY button to spin the reels. This specific game will let you continue to spin until a potential win is shown on the screen. At this point, the game will stop and all three reels will show RAISE and LOWER buttons on the top and bottom of each reel. As the player, you will need to make the decision on which reel to nudge that will result in a winning combination on the center payline. Once you’ve determined what RAISE or LOWER button to select, touch the screen to nudge the reels either up or down. The goal is to line up 3 matching symbols on the center payline. If you choose incorrectly, no winnings will be awarded.


Progressive Wheel

The Progressive Wheel will be triggered when 3 PROGRESSIVE WHEEL symbols are shown on the screen. When activated, the Progressive Wheel will spin and will reward a minor, major, or grand prize. Prizes in the Progressive Wheel can award these max prizes:





Stampede Feature

The Stampede Feature is triggered when the buffalo symbol is activated randomly during any play. Symbols are removed from the reels starting from lowest paying to highest. The number of symbols removed is dependent on the length of the stampede. Any resulting wins are paid and play returns to normal.


Buffalo Blast

Lining up 3 BONUS symbols on the payline triggers Buffalo Blast bonus. Once the bonus begins, a prize meter is shown. A stampede will start and will begin knocking prizes off of the meter starting with the lowest prize and going up from there. Once the stampede finishes, the remaining prize shown on the meter is awarded.


Free Games

Lining up 3 FREE GAMES symbols on the payline triggers the Free Games feature. A choice between 3 different Free Games will be given: 5 Free Games with 5x Multiplier, 10 Free Games with 2x Multiplier, or 20 Free Games. During Free Games, the FREE GAME symbol becomes a +1 FREE GAMES symbol and awards an additional Free Game every time it appears on the board.

Enter the frozen Tundra and claim the coolest wins! This is Buffalo of The White Tundra!