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Nebraska Skill Gaming Industry

Game Guide: Bankshot

August 23, 2023

Grab your pool cue, because this is the game guide for one of the most popular skill games in Nebraska! Welcome to Bankshot.


The Details

Bankshot is played on a 3 x 3 matrix composed of nine billiard balls. After selecting which denomination you want to bet, press start to begin the game. During game play all nine balls will spin and then stop. The player can then touch ANY of the nine balls to swap it out with a ‘Wild’ ball. This special ball will help give you more chances to spin winning combinations. Paylines occur left-to-right, up-to-down, and on two diagonals.

There are two special bonus gauges, one on each side of the pool table. The bonus gauge on the right is the ‘Fast Break Bonus Gauge’, and players can fill it up by correctly placing the ‘Wild Ball’ during normal game play. The bonus gauge on the left is the ‘Speed Break Bonus Gauge’. The player can fill this bar up by placing the ‘Wild Ball’ while the timer is yellow. Once a bonus gauge is filled up, the player will win a special prize depending on which bar they chose.


The Bankshot Bonus

If three bonus balls appear, the player is awarded the ‘Bankshot Bonus’. During this minigame, Players can touch each square to reveal a value. The values can either say ‘Go Again’, ‘Bonus Pool’, ‘2X’, or ‘Stop’. ‘Go Again’ gives the player an extra chance, ‘Bonus Pool’ will award the current ‘Bonus Pool Value’, ‘2X’ will double the bonus winnings accumulated during this features game play, while ‘Stop’ will end play of this minigame and add bonus winnings to the player’s point total.


Make sure you call bank! Play Bankshot today!