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Why You Should Add Darts to Your Bar

August 11, 2021

Adding a dart league to your bar is a great way to build a sense of community among your patrons, plus allows you to tap into a new revenue stream. But even if you just add a few boards and forego a league, you are still making a great decision for your establishment.

Why Should I Have Darts at My Establishment?

Dart boards are a great amusement option for bars who are looking to entertain their patrons and keep them staying longer. Most people agree that a standard game of darts can take about 30 minutes to an hour for amateur players, which means more time for patrons to order drinks and food at your establishment! In fact, many establishments will set up a food and beverage minimum for any league players to ensure they can make the most out of their boards.

Dart leagues are growing in popularity in many parts of the country, and we see more and more of our own player base looking for local and convenient dart league options. Dart leagues usually run for about 10 to 15 weeks, and players will come in once a week to play for at least two hours. If you do end up hosting a dart league in your establishment, you can look forward to a consistent crowd of people coming in on league days!

Dart boards also allow you to increase profits with minimal upfront investment. When you partner with an amusement provider – like Accel Entertainment – you can get access to the latest and greatest dart boards on the market and start accessing your new revenue sooner rather than later.

Let us Know!

If you’re looking to get started with hosting a dart league in your establishment, Accel Entertainment has a number of Dart League Coordinators who can help provide a more detailed solution to your specific establishment’s needs. Already convinced? Send an email to to get started!

Want to get started with adding dart boards or dart leagues to your bar? Let us know how we can help by emailing us at or visiting us at for more information.