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Marketing Your Missouri Business

Why a Brand Refresh Isn't a Bad Thing

March 29, 2023

As the needs of your customers continue to evolve, so should your business. Every day is a new opportunity to grow your customer base and amplify your presence in the market. Online outreach is a great way to make your business stand out. Most businesses will garner an established following with a good product. But why should a new customer wanting a night out consider your business? Perhaps your brand is failing to resonate with the locals. This is where changing it up and getting a makeover for your image will provide the engagement boost your business needs. Updating your online image is a good way to foster a new customer base. It’s very common for customers to look at websites and check online reviews before deciding to try a new location. When these potential customers see your business, you want them to know what you’re all about! The first few moments a customer views your online presence tells them what kind of business you are, so capturing their attention at this stage is crucial. If the logo on the website feels tired or dated, tidying it up with fresh font and colorful imagery is a great way to communicate a fresh image to the public. Highlighting promotions, specials, and attributes are good features to emphasize with online rebranding. If you’re not tech savvy, don’t hesitate to hire a graphic designer to help make it exactly how you want. After all, perception is everything! This will help bring the location new business and keep the spotlight on you.

Can Draw in New Customers

Maintaining a loyal customer base is a testament to your business. When rebranding, you want to make sure you retain successful aspects of your branding and don’t confuse regulars. The most effective avenue to pursue is one that highlights current strengths, but finds new ways to showcase the value you offer. If you’re rebranding, making the local public aware is imperative. Setting up loyalty programs, creating mailers, and setting up an email list are all great ways to get the word out. Once chatter among the public begins, word of mouth can be a powerful tool. Knowing your audience is also advantageous for any rebranding efforts. What kinds of people visit? Which sports teams do they follow? What are distinctions that make the area desirable? If you embrace the local vibe, your image will resonate with the locals. Having sports memorabilia or gameday specials are also great ways to garner interest. So make sure you have a TV ready for the game!

Advertise New Ideas/Promotions

A good way to keep your business exciting is product rotation! Making sure you have amenities like food, gaming, etc. will give customers more reasons to visit your location. If your location offers gaming, make sure you have signs placed at angles that might get their attention. Near the front door, next to tables, around restrooms, and on windows are all good ideas. Targeted advertising means more customer interaction. Another good way to garner foot traffic is hosting competitions. This can be done in store or online via social media. But developing online traction is a good way to draw in a younger crowd. No one complains about opportunities to win prizes, right? Time and time again this has proven effective. Naturally, customers will purchase items at your location if they are already visiting. Most customers will also enjoy a tutorial of your business. A video explaining what you’re all about, going over a menu, showcasing a gaming area, or explaining promotions is a great way to sell your business. Be aggressive! Show that you want to impress your base. Effort and outreach will pay off!