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The Importance of Properly Checking IDs

October 12, 2022

Many people forget to ask for an ID when it comes to purchasing alcohol or when they see someone in a gaming area. They may have just forgotten or been too busy to check, but it still means an ID wasn’t checked. Regardless of what kind of establishment you own, it is very necessary that you and your employees are checking a person’s ID when patrons are purchasing alcohol. Your patrons must be 21 years of age or older to purchase and consume alcohol.

Don’t Assume They Are Old Enough

Some people may look like they are 21, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are. Anyone who looks like they are under the age of 30 should be asked for their ID. You should be able to know right away when seeing a birthdate if that person is at least 21. Keep in mind that it is illegal to sell alcohol to a minor and you risk losing your liquor license in the process. Additionally, the individual who served the alcohol could receive a fine or jail time. 

Don’t Assume the ID Is Real

An ID may look real, but there are plenty of things about it that can show that it’s a fake. Properly checking an ID is an important step. You should be able to look at an ID and feel it to make sure that it is real. Having interacted with so many customers, you should know what a real ID is supposed to look like.

Don’t Assume It’s Their ID

Many people look a lot alike so only glancing at a photo is enough for them to trick you. You should be checking to make sure the individual is not using someone else’s ID. Take it a step further when checking a person’s ID by asking them questions they should know the answers to right away based off the ID, so that you can see if they may be lying and catch them off guard with having a borrowed ID.

Tips to Spot a Fake ID

  • Compare the size, coloring, and lettering of the ID to a real one such as your own
  • Feel the ID for alterations like cuts, bumps, or unprofessional lamination
  • Hold the ID under direct light, looking for laser-perforated holes and holographic images
  • Scan the bar code on the back of the ID to see if the information it gives you matches the information on the front of the ID
  • Hold the ID next to the person to make sure it’s really them

The more you make checking someone’s ID a habit, the easier it will become and the better you will get at it. Checking IDs is a necessary part of owning an establishment that sells alcohol and has gaming, and it’s for the betterment and safety of everyone. Are you taking the necessary steps to properly check patrons’ IDs?