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Implementing Personalized Email Campaigns at Your Bar or Restaurant

November 16, 2022

Creating personalized emails to send to your customers can be a great way to market your establishment, but it is a process. You need to understand who your customers are and what personalized emails are best for them.

Use the Information Customers Are Giving You

There are lots of ways you may already be collecting customers’ information, such as from reservations that have been made, questionnaires completed, or their visits to your website. You may also have their email addresses if they are a part of a loyalty program or other customer program you may run. Additionally, you may have information on customers from Yelp, TripAdvisor, GrubHub or other delivery services. Depending on how you’ve obtained a customer’s email address might help you tailor the type of information they are looking to receive.

Know Your Customers and What They Want

Customers want to know that their opinion matters, and that they are a valued customer. They want to be rewarded for their continued business, with either a discount, something free, or information on something new that may interest them. Customers want to feel like they are getting a unique and personal email that is not being sent to everyone else.

The frequency at which customers visit your establishment is valuable information. This can help inform what type of emails suit them best (such as monthly, weekly, or following each of their visits) and the appropriate content to include.

Personalize Your Emails

Create specific groups of individuals with similar interests, so that you can create personalized emails for them. You will get better responses this way. Group your customers based on their preferences and how they choose to order from you (in person, online, delivery). It also helps to know names, ages, and interests when personalizing emails and creating groups.

Google Analytics can provide information on who is visiting your website. This lets you personalize emails to people based on where they are located and how they are going to your website.

Facebook Audience Insights lets you collect data on age and gender and what you’re posting that your audience is checking out. By knowing this, you can personalize content for your emails based on what those customers are showing interest in and their demographics.

There are various forms of personalized emails that can be sent at different times to customers. By observing your busy times, you can create personalized emails to customers with incentives of drink specials and happy hours. Celebrating holidays and birthdays with discounts or something free are simple forms of sending personalized emails.

You may choose to send feedback or survey emails to your customers that offer them something in return for their participation. These emails should be simple and thank customers for their participation and visiting your establishment. Depending on whether their experience was good or bad, they may want to share their feedback. These emails are great for you because it gives you information on what you’re doing right and how to improve your customers’ experiences.

Your subject line should include what is in it for the customer by reading the email. The body of your email should offer information the customer will find valuable and worth reading. Include a person’s name in the email to make it more personal, so they know it’s coming from a real person.

Even if it’s through email, building relationships with your customers is important in creating personal relationships. All the information you need to create the best personalized emails to your customers is right in front of you and accessible in so many ways. Are you ready to create personalized emails that will keep your customers coming back for more?