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Marketing Your Missouri Business

How to Promote Your Bar in The Summer

June 8, 2022

The first day of summer is almost here! It’s time to consider how you can transition your location into a summer hot spot. Below are a few of our suggestions for a successful summer at your establishment.

Beat the heat with slots 

Advertise your slots as being an oasis from the heat and opportunity for your patrons to cool off. They can sit back, relax in the AC and win big!


If you have the space available outside, assemble some bags and a platform for your customers enjoy some fun in the sun.

Themed nights

 Celebrate summer with a themed Hawaiian night. Encourage everyone to dress up in Hawaiian outfits and serve Hawaiian drinks like Piña Coladas and Mai Tais. To entice more customers to participate consider offering a discount for people who are dressed within the theme.

Team trivia night 

Host a team trivia night and award the winning team with a free round of drinks or voucher for another night at your establishment. Some suggestions include: sports trivia, TV show trivia, alcohol trivia, etc. 

Bring your dog to the bar 

If you’re able to, encourage customers to bring their furry friend along with them as a plus one and join the fun for a night.

Live music 

You can never go wrong with having live music to engage and entertain your customers.

Set your TouchTunes to play summer jams all night 

It's Five O' Clock Somewhere”, “Summer”, and “Escape (The Piña Colada Song)” are all songs that can really keep that summer vibe going.


If you have a karaoke machine, consider hosting it outside so everyone can enjoy the weather.

How to get the word out about your summer events

Use a Hashtag
    • Using a hashtag has a mulititude of advantages for your business. Hashtags give you added clout with your customer interaction. For instance, #MargaritaMonday, #TequilaTuesday, #WineWednesday, #BobsBarisBest, etc.
  • Create a Facebook Event
    • Create a Facebook Event from your Business Facebook Page to help spread the word. Once a customer clicks “I’m In” or “Interested,” his/her friends will see the event in their newsfeed.
  • Hang Up Posters 
    • Posters are a great way to encourage your current customers to stop in at times they normally wouldn’t. 
Cheers to long summer days and long summer nights!