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Why You Should Add Pool Tables to Your Pennsylvania Bar

August 11, 2021

We all know the scene. Glasses full of brown liquid sit on coasters. The low sound of a saxophone croons out of a jukebox. There’s a feeling of charged static that blankets the room, and in the middle, stands a table. It’s a game of skill in every sense of the phrase. It’s the atmospheric sound of a bar. It’s the centerpiece in every worthwhile place of entertainment. Those that know how to play it, love it, and those who don’t, wish they did.

It’s a pool table. Billiards! Whatever you want to call it, it’s a necessity for an establishment that wants to attract customers and keep them playing rounds until last call.

Why Should I Have a Pool Table?

Let’s lay out some reasons why you should want your location to have a pool table:

  • The instant upgrade effect: As soon as an establishment adds a pool table, there’s an almost completeness to something they never thought was unfinished. 

  • People visit bars solely to play billiards. Having new customers is never a bad thing. Also, having more repeat customers is even better!

  • It’s fun for everyone — regardless of age, gender or experience!

Pool Leagues

Next, there are pool leagues. You have the pool tables, cues and a gang of regulars taking shots. What’s stopping you from using that to your advantage? A pool league consistently draws in crowds who are paying to play, while eating and drinking as they do, which gives you a weekly stream of revenue you can count on. A league may also draw in new patrons who enjoy pool but haven’t been to your establishment in the past. Why not give them even more reasons to come back?

As you can tell, there really isn’t a downside to having a pool table. Appealing to a wider demographic, having a better atmosphere, and becoming “the place” where everyone goes to play their favorite game are all fantastic things that will boost your business.

Interested in adding pool tables or starting a pool league? Our amusement industry experts would be happy to help you get on the right track to running a successful pool league. Reach out to to get in contact!

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