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Viral TikTok Marketing for Restaurants

October 13, 2021

Ever heard of TikTok? It’s one of the largest social media platforms at the moment. With millions of young adult users, it’s the perfect way to introduce your business to a brand-new demographic and audience.

How To Use the App

Using the app is simple. It’s on both the Apple App Store and Android Google Play Store. First, set up your profile. This is where you’ll be posting all of your TikToks (think short videos) so people can visit your page and see what you have to offer. Adding a bio also helps people find out where you’re located, your current promotions, and your brand message. Your profile picture is also super important. Putting your logo in your profile picture allows users to recognize who the company is instantly. It’s all about that brand recognition!

Now that your profile is all set up, you can post your first “Tok.”

After posting, users will be able to leave comments where other users can upvote or reply. Users can even “stitch” your TikTok video. Stitching is a way for users to respond to your TikTok while also making a TikTok.

There are loads of ways to promote your content through TikTok. Have a fan favorite meal? Make a TikTok on how to prepare it or film customers trying it. Want to highlight an attraction of your business like a karaoke machine or gaming parlor? Give a tour of your location and add in a voiceover explaining why people should come visit. Check out a few more tips below.

Highlight Your Menu and Promotions

TikTok is a great way to promote any new additions to your menu or current and ongoing promotions. Introduce your new menu items with a catchy popular song and a quick explanation detailing when they will be available at your location.

Embrace Humor with Viral Trends

Trends move fast on TikTok, but they can be a great advantage for your business and building brand awareness across the internet. Most brands take advantage of the fact that they can be a little silly and a LOT more creative with their marketing on TikTok. Even big brands like Chipotle embrace their weird side when showing off their recipes.

Follow the Experts

Feel like you may be out of your depth? That’s OK! The great thing about TikTok is that hundreds of other brands are already on the app. From small businesses to worldwide big names, brands are flocking to TikTok at an unprecedented pace. You can check out some great examples of TikTok marketing before you make your debut on the app!

Ready to try TikTok marketing? Let us know how it goes in the comments below!

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