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The Most Important Things to Update on Your Restaurant’s Website

March 15, 2023

Your website should show why your establishment is the best choice for your customers. With customers’ needs ever-changing, it is necessary to keep certain aspects of your website updated. Following are the important questions to ask yourself when updating your website:

What Gets You Seen in Searches?

If you want your website to show up in someone’s search, you need current content on your website (blog posts, podcasts, YouTube links, social media links). Give your customers as many ways to interact with you as possible. The right keywords will set you apart from your competition. Your address, phone number, and hours of operation should always be up to date. Make it easy for customers to find you and come in when you’re open. Accurate information helps you rank higher among others in search results. If you have current positive customer reviews and testimonials, they should be included on your website. These are important in attracting new customers to your establishment by seeing what other people have to say about you and why they see you as a trusted establishment. Enough positive reviews can improve your rating, which can get you more business by being chosen over competitors in search results.

Are Your Photos Current?

Visuals are important in winning over customers. People want to see new food and new faces. Highlight new items coming and new specials with photos. Use quality photos of your food to show customers what makes them so appetizing. Besides just food, include photos during all times of the day to highlight that your restaurant is inclusive and inviting to everyone. Include both people and your layout to attract people.

Is Your Menu Up to Date?

Have your menu available on your website. If you have multiple menus for specific times of the day, include each. This helps customers decide what they’ll be ordering before they even arrive to your establishment. Try to avoid using a PDF version of your menu. Instead have a section on your website. Keep your standard prices up to date, and update any specials or discounts you may be offering for upcoming holidays/occasions and how long they will be available. Consistent updating prevents customers from attempting to order something no longer on the menu or trying to receive a discount that is no longer valid. Add photos and descriptions to your menu, so people know what they are ordering. Not everyone has had what you offer, so descriptions are important for customers who want to try new things.

By updating these aspects of your website, you will be on track to create a more enjoyable experience at your restaurant for customers. Have you successfully answered the important questions necessary to update your website?

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