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How to Create Personal Engagement: User-Generated Content

September 8, 2021

Your contributions to your content strategy may matter more than you think. User-generated content contains any photos, text, videos or reviews. Many do not realize how much more effective it is to utilize a user-generated content approach. This approach allows you to create with your audience, rather than focusing on creating content for your customers. By encouraging interaction and collaboration, it will lead to benefits for both you and your customers.

Including user-generated content into your marketing strategy can take your business a long way. Engaging your customers results in a better understanding of their needs and wants, which is key information to identify for improving your business.

Key Steps:

  1. Choose effective social networks.
  2. Set specific goals for your user-generated content.
  3. Focus on community and collaborations.
  4. Continue to measure and analyze your user-generated content.

When starting out, pick out what social channels could have the most impact on your user-generated content. The social network you choose should be based on your goals and target audience. Focus on the reachability and the actual benefits that come with shared content.

Main Social Media Platforms:

Facebook – This network is great for sharing video content and stories about your brand. Use Facebook to post the kind of videos likely to get more engagements with the possibility of going viral.

Twitter – Twitter tends to be a great spot for images, so let the visuals do the talking on this social network. 

Instagram – Instagram is centered on user-generated content, therefore it can be your go-to network. Seeing products in action makes Instagram a great space for brands to get visual and connect with those who support you.

Besides figuring out networks for your audience, it is necessary to learn about what content works with each network. Identify consumer trends while using the user-generated content approach to reach your target audience effectively. Treat user-generated content as social proof to positively promote your brand’s message, expand your social presence and strengthen relationships with clients.

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Major Benefits of User-Generated Content:

  • Engagement  Increase activity interaction and customer interest.
  • Reachability – Connect and reach a wider range of potential customers for a bigger influence.
  • Personalization – Increase your value by being personable, and reflect your customers in your content.
  • Compelling and Originality – Stand out from competitors. Authenticity formed with your customer’s perspective creates uniqueness.
  • Relevance – Include ideas and content to attract and speak directly to customers.


It is known that user-generated content will obtain more attention than typical or promotional posts. Being mentioned on social media or including content shared by another brand is often a fun and exciting way to gain consumer interaction. Shares of your content not only help you to get to their audience, but you also expose your audience as well. Consumers are a lot more likely to make a purchase with a company after a good interaction as they develop trust.

For a successful approach, it is good to remember that your collective audience includes more than just your customers. Your content is seen by diverse groups of people, including a wide range of ages with all different interests. Therefore, you should keep in mind that these segments can contribute to your content strategy in meaningful ways. Implementing your user-generated approach should and can be easy! It is a simple process that proves good interactions or positive relationships can enhance your marketing efforts.



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