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Marketing Your Pennsylvania Business

Growing Your Social Media Presence Brings in Foot Traffic to Your Pennsylvania Business

December 13, 2023

If you are a Pennsylvania video gaming establishment looking to bring in new foot traffic to your establishment, Accel Entertainment highly recommends growing your social media presence to do so.

By growing your social media presence, your business gains exposure to a whole new audience that may not have been reachable otherwise. Think about it, how many businesses do you go past on a daily basis, but have never once stepped foot in? Chances are there’s quite a few businesses that come to mind for you, which means patrons passing by your establishment probably have the same experience.

The good news is that by growing your social presence you are able to create engaging content that gives patrons a reason to stop into your establishment. It should be your goal as a Pennsylvania business owner for your content to be informative, but also encourage engagement and involvement.

Whether your business is on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, when it comes to you creating your content, there are important factors that come into play. One of the most important things you should be doing as a Pennsylvania video gaming establishment is to take a look at how your already existing content is performing. It’s crucial for you to know what content is performing well and what content needs to be replaced with new and exciting content. If you are receiving no engagement at all on certain platforms, there’s nothing wrong with deactivating that account to focus more efforts on your platforms that are performing well.

As important as it is to grow your social media presence, that doesn’t mean being on every social media platform. You should have an understanding of who your target audience is and the social media platforms they are frequent users of. It can be tempting to hop on the latest trend, but you should only be exploring new social media platforms if research shows you could potentially have an audience there. Your true audience will be the ones visiting your establishment in the end.

Social media is about building relationships with your loyal patrons and hopefully gaining new patrons from either word of mouth or from someone discovering your engaging content. Building relationships involves being honest and transparent, so make sure you are sharing plenty with your audience.

Sometimes honesty is as simple as mentioning things people might not already be aware of. One of the simplest things you can share with your audience is that you are a video gaming establishment and there are benefits to patrons playing your games. There are millions of social media users out there to reach. This is your chance to make business stand out, grow your social media presence, and gain new patrons!

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