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“Whatever they said they were going to do, they did it. They had the machines on, they had everything connected and everything was ready for operation. They did what they said they were going to do.” 
-Pete Klementzos


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The Accel Advantage

Business owners who partner with Accel see an average 23%* higher rate of year-over-year growth, versus the rest of the Illinois VGT market

As the largest video gaming Terminal Operator in Illinois, there are so many reasons why more restaurant and bar owners choose Accel over any other provider. From our outstanding record of improving our locations’ gaming revenue to our superior customer service, we value our locations as our partners in success.

You can experience the Accel advantage TODAY. Join Accel and experience the best of what Accel has to offer immediately! No need to wait for Accel’s slot machines to be installed. Switch to Accel today and get instant access to Accel’s top services!


  • ATM Services: ATM services with competitive splits

  • Amusements: Take advantage of our top-notch amusements, including State-wide tournaments with Illinois Darts

  • “AE Accelerator” Gaming Compliance App: Once available, you’ll have access to Accel’s proprietary app that allows you to be the Einstein of route gaming

  • Accel’s AE Player Rewards Loyalty Program: AE Player Rewards benefits loyal patrons by providing members with exclusive access to valuable cash giveaways and fun surprises!

  • AE.Bet: Join our free-to-play sports betting platform, where players can make selections to win cash prizes

  • Accel Learning Center: Through this learning center, we are excited to provide resources that are aimed at helping you and your business grow

  • ... and More!

*Based on an average increase of $3,300/month, first quarter 2018 gaming revenue. Gaming revenue as reported on www.igb.illinois.gov/videoreports.aspx

Customer Satisfaction

Watch Air Jiffy Lounge Case Study
Slots of Fun Owner Portrait Circle

“Accel is a very good company. Anything we needed they are helping us. Any flyers outside. . . any advertisements. . . It helps a lot”

“It's a nice company, Accel is a nice company. I would recommend them for other people."

Owner, Gurjit Nanrhe, Air Jiffy Lounge in Springfield


“Our customer experience from switching to Accel has been fantastic. We don’t have machines that are down for days any longer.”

“We’re glad we made the change. It’s a lot easier for us to do what we do best by partnering with somebody that does what they do best.”

Don Cuppini Jr. and Sr., Slots of Fun in Rockford

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Gaming Revenue

12% higher 12-month net location share after locations switched to Accel*

As the largest video gaming Terminal Operator in Illinois – with 2,292 locations and over 10,000 gaming machines – there are so many reasons Accel is the #1 video slot machine operator in the USA. From our outstanding record of optimizing our locations’ gaming revenue, to our superior customer service, we value our locations as our partners in success.

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Why Choose Accel

Our expert team will help design a gaming strategy and layout that will maximize play and revenue. We’ll help you design the right gaming room, train your staff on how to take care of your customers and work with you on your online and social media strategy.

*Data Source: IGB Location Share Data Analyzed by Accel Entertainment

AE Player Rewards

AE Player Loyalty Email Header 600 x 192

Launched in March 2021, Accel Entertainment's new loyalty program - AE Player Rewards!

All Accel locations participate in AE Player Rewards for FREE! Switch to Accel and give your players more chances to win bigger prizes! AE Player Rewards will give out ONE MILLION DOLLARS over the course of our first year!

How Accel's Giveaways Stand Out

With over 1.4 million entries and 42,000 unique participants signed up, the Million Dollar Giveaway (our 2019 sweepstakes) helped foster patron loyalty by providing patrons with access to bigger and more exciting prizes. For an additional fee, partner locations can sign up for access to our proprietary software which allows location owners to track patron playing habits and market directly to loyal patrons.

AE Player Rewards



Accel can assist with a wide variety of marketing materials designed to promote your gaming business

Contact us about the following:

Interior and exterior signage to promote your gaming business
Novelty items to present to your best gaming customers such as t-shirts, koozies and more
Co-Op marketing for your establishment including: billboards, mailers, newspaper ads and signage

Digital Marketing

For an additional fee, our digital marketing team will walk you through the steps to create the optimal social media presence for your location, like creating a Facebook page to interact with your customers, or activating an Instagram account to ensure no one misses the great things happening at your restaurant or bar.


AEPlayer TV for Handouts

AEPlayer TV

AEPlayer TV is a FREE multi-faceted, interactive content platform for Accel video gaming establishments. Through AEPlayer TV, customers are exposed to engaging graphics designed to promote slot play in your establishment and drive traffic to your gaming area. 

Why Sign-up for AEPlayer TV?
• Promote slot play in your establishment
• Draw patrons' eye with intriguing gaming graphics
• Promote AE.Bet free-to-play sports betting
• … and did we mention it's FREE!


AE.Bet_Email Header_Driving Traffic

AE.Bet: Free-to-Play Sports Betting

Sports betting is on everyone’s mind in Illinois right now. To help our partner establishments take advantage of the buzz, Accel Entertainment has rolled out a new free-to-play sports betting site: www.AE.Bet. Our early roll out of AE.Bet has produced over 100 cash prize winners, and the response from thousands of players has been enthusiastic. 



With nearly 200 Accel technicians and a 24-hour service call center, we are dedicated to ensuring your machines are working properly

With our best-in-class team of technicians throughout the state, our in-house Service Solutions Center, and a concentrated focus on preventative maintenance, we are dedicated to ensuring your machines are working properly.

•  Close to 200 Accel technicians throughout the state
•  24-hour service phone line manned by Accel employees - not an outside service
•  Our collection service uses a locked cassette system. We do not transfer
open cash in your restaurant or bar while we collect.



We are the largest buyer of video gaming terminals in Illinois

Accel has more video gaming terminals than any other terminal operator in Illinois. We’re able to leverage our buying power to carry the latest and best machines, outfitted with the most popular games.

In addition, our Analytics team will use our state of the art tool, the AE Accelerator to analyze financial and gaming performance of your establishment and those nearby to recommend the ideal suite of machines for your location.

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Accel offers a comprehensive selection of amusement machines

In addition to our video slot machines, Accel offers the most comprehensive selection of amusement machines, including one of the largest selections of TouchTunes™ jukeboxes.

When you switch to Accel, talk to us about the possibility of your amusements package including
a variety of options from our top-notch amusements such as:

Pool Tables: Accel has access to the best tables in the industry, including Diamond Billiards and Valley Pool Tables.

AEPlayer TV: The digital TV platform that engages your customers with such features as interactive trivia contests, and advertising your location’s video gaming offerings, food and drink specials.

Video Games: A representative can work with your establishment to find the best video games for your customer base and establishment type.

Darts: The Accel Darts team is the best in the industry, with top of the line boards and expansive leagues and tournaments during the summer, fall and winter.

See Our Amusements


Illinois Darts

Illinois Darts is Accel's premier darts organization, comprised of regional leagues and tournaments throughout the State. Players have the chance to compete for great payouts and rewards.

Accel Entertainment’s darts community thrives in part due to our top-of-the-line darts equipment. Accel amusements allows for both online and State-wide play. We can provide G3 dart boards to locations that have the space and desire for darts players and tournaments. Some of these boards can network so teams can compete virtually across the State or even globally. This can encourage dart play even at locations that do not have enough players (yet!) for in-house tournaments.

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