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“Whatever they said they were going to do, they did it. They had the machines on, they had everything connected and everything was ready for operation. They did what they said they were going to do.” 
-Pete Klementzos


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The Accel Advantage


Business owners who partner with Accel see an average 23%* higher rate of year-over-year growth, versus the rest of the Illinois VGT market

As the largest video gaming Terminal Operator in Illinois, there are so many reasons why more restaurant and bar owners choose Accel over any other provider. From our outstanding record of improving our locations’ gaming revenue to our superior customer service, we value our locations as our partners in success.

Whether it’s providing you the best service, maximizing your gaming revenue or pursuing the most aggressive marketing plan, Accel will be your partner from day one.

*Based on an average increase of $3,300/month, first quarter 2018 gaming revenue.

*For clarification purposes, the employees appearing in these photographs are prohibited from playing video gaming terminals for recreational purposes at any and all licensed establishments in the State of Illinois, regardless of whether such games are operated by Accel. The employees depicted in these photos are not playing the video gaming terminals, and are seated at the terminals for demonstrative purposes only.

Customer Satisfaction

After the Fox Owner Portrait Circle
Slots of Fun Owner Portrait Circle

"The collection team comes in and you don't even hear a noise from them. They send me a receipt of the money they send me every week and I get a letter every Thursday saying how much they put in my account."

“I've been happy with Accel because they keep changing over games and getting new games all the time. That's what the customers are looking for. They want to be able to play different games."

Pat Summers, After the Fox in McHenry

“Our customer experience from switching to Accel has been fantastic. We don’t have machines that are down for days any longer.”

“We’re glad we made the change. It’s a lot easier for us to do what we do best by partnering with somebody that does what they do best.”

Don Cuppini Jr. and Sr., Slots of Fun in Rockford

Gaming Revenue

Gaming Revenue Growth of Location Owner with Accel vs. Top Ten Competitors*

As the largest video gaming Terminal Operator in Illinois, there are so many reasons why more restaurant and bar owners choose Accel over any other provider. From our outstanding record of improving our locations’ gaming revenue, to our superior customer service—we value our locations as our partners in success.

For locations that earn $100 per machine per day. choosing Accel can mean an additional $126,092 over the length of an average partnership vs. choosing another slot machine provider.

*Based on data from the Illinois Gaming Board's revenue reports.
Our Mind Blowing Giveaway



Accel can assist with a wide variety of marketing materials designed to promote your gaming business

Contact us about the following:

Interior and exterior signage to promote your gaming business
Novelty items to promote gaming within your location, such as cups and coasters
Premium novelty items to present to your best gaming customers

In addition, our team will walk you through the steps to create the optimal social media presence for your location, like creating a Facebook page to interact with your customers, or activating an Instagram account to ensure no one misses the great things happening at your restaurant or bar.



Accel offers the most comprehensive selection of amusement machines

In addition to our video slot machines, Accel offers the most comprehensive selection of amusement machines, including one of the largest selections of TouchTunes™ jukeboxes.

When you switch to Accel, talk to us about the possibility of your amusements package including
the option of TouchTunes TV™—the digital TV platform that engages your customers with such
features as interactive trivia contests, and advertising your location’s video gaming offerings, food
and drink specials.

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With more than 130 Accel technicians and a 24-hour service call center, we are dedicated to ensuring your machines are working properly

With our best-in-class team of technicians throughout the state, our in-house Service Solutions Center, and a concentrated focus on preventative maintenance, we are dedicated to ensuring your machines are working properly.

•  More than 130 Accel technicians throughout the state
•  24-hour service phone line manned by Accel employees - not an outside service
•  Our collection service uses a locked cassette system. We do not transfer
open cash in your restaurant or bar while we collect.



We are the largest buyer of video gaming terminals in Illinois

Accel has more video gaming terminals than any other terminal operator in Illinois. We’re able to leverage our buying power to carry the latest and best machines, outfitted with the most popular games.

In addition, our Analytics team will recommend the ideal suite of machines for your
location, based on the performance of machines in your specific market.

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