Steps to Get Started

Become a Licensed Illinois Video Gaming Establishment 

The steps to become a licensed video gaming establishment in Illinois can seem overwhelming, but we are here to help. Once you sign a VGT Use Agreement with Accel Entertainment, we'll walk you through the following steps to Go Live:

  1. Apply for a gaming license with the Illinois Gaming Board.
  2. Location owners get fingerprinted.
  3. Location gets inspected by an Illinois Gaming Board agent.
  4. Accel assesses your location to determine VGT layout and electrical.
  5. Get approved for gaming license by the Illinois Gaming Board, as well as any local gaming license for your municipality.

Delivery and installation of gaming equipment, including slot machines, will occur prior to the Go Live date.

On the Go Live date, an Illinois Gaming Board agent will perform a coin test. After that - you're a live gaming establishment!


Get Started

Go Live! Become a Licensed Illinois Gaming Establishment