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On average, truck stops outperform all other gaming establishments by 141%. 

Through working with some of the best truck stops in the state, we’ve become experts at increasing revenue through video gaming in this exciting subset of the Illinois market. We service some of the most successful truck stops in the state of Illinois, providing our trademark customer care to each location.

Accel is the premier truck stop and c-store operator in Illinois with 26% of all c-store gaming locations and 25% of all truck stop gaming locations.


Accel's Resources are Better for Truck Stops

With a dedicated team to get you up and running, you'll have everything you need to start generating revenue.

Legal and Compliance Team  Provides support and resources related to the application process.

Buildout Design & Support Team  Gaming area design best practices and support for each and every gaming area build-out. 

Data Team Studies the VGT market and VGT performance in order to provide insight and advice to help our locations maintain and grow their business. 

Marketing Team  Works directly with our customers to create unique marketing strategies and plans tailored to locations.

Local Relationship Manager  Serves as a gaming and compliance expert, marketing advisor and overall consultant to our customers.

Treasury Team  Creates insightful and timely reports that show financial performance. 

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