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Types of Gaming Establishments in the Illinois Video Gaming Market

The Video Gaming Act legalizes the use of up to 5 video gaming terminals (VGTs or slot machines) in the following types of establishments. Establishments must be located in a municipality that has opted in to allow video gaming. Click here to view a list of all Illinois municipalities and whether or not they allow video gaming.

Pouring Establishments

  • Any for profit business that is open to the public and has a liquor license that allows for on premise consumption (this includes all bars, restaurants, coffee shops, hotels, and any other businesses that have a valid liquor license allowing them to pour alcohol).

Truck Stops

  • Truck stops or convenience stores with a 3 acre facility, separate diesel islands, sell more than 10,000 gallons diesel/month, and with parking spaces for commercial vehicles.

Fraternal/Veterans Organizations

  • Fraternal/Veterans organizations with a national charter.

The Illinois Gaming Board's list of Frequently Asked Questions can be a valuable resource for questions about the Illinois gaming market.