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Video Gaming May Be Coming to Missouri. Be Prepared with Accel Entertainment.

Missouri is currently considering legislation to allow video gaming. Should the State approve regulated video gaming machines, you'll want to be prepared to take advantage.  There's no better way to prepare than partnering with Accel Entertainment.

Accel Entertainment is the nation's largest video gaming terminal operator. We've partnered with over 2,000 businesses to help bring in additional revenue through legal, regulated slot machines. Our 10 years of experience in the Illinois video gaming market will help us ensure our Missouri partner locations are able to quickly take advantage if legalized video gaming becomes a reality. 

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Types of Gaming Establishments in the Missouri Video Gaming Market

There has been an increased interest in the Missouri video gaming market in recent years due to proposed bills legalizing this form of gambling.  For now, the placement and usage of video lottery game terminals (VLGTs) is still illegal in Missouri; however, that might change soon! If it does, establishments will want to be well-versed in all requirements associated with joining the Missouri video gaming market.

Read more to find out what kind of establishments might be allowed to participate in this new gaming market: This information is taken from Senate Bill 767, one of the bills proposed but not passed during Missouri's 99th General Assembly which would gave legalized video gaming in the State. 

Pouring Establishments

  • Retail establishments that are licensed lottery game retailers and also licensed to sell liquor.

Truck Stops

  • Truck stops located on three contiguous acres within 2000 feet of an interstate or major highway that sell more than 25,000 gallons diesel/month.

Fraternal/Veterans Organizations

  • Establishments that primarily cater to patrons of a fraternal or veterans organization that sell liquor, wine, or beer at retail.

Since there is not a proposed bill that has become law, it is difficult to know exactly the types of locations that will qualify.  Additionally, we do not know for sure how many VLGTs each location will be permitted to have, but we believe five (5) VLGTs per location will be most likely.


Increase your establishment's revenue with Missouri slot machines.

Business owners who switch to Accel slot machines see an average increase of $3,300 a month*. See why gaming establishments are making the switch to the largest gaming provider in Illinois.

Gaming revenue varies from establishment to establishment. Choosing the right mix of machines and ensuring that all equipment stays functional can make all the difference. Our experience and expertise can help you have the greatest opportunity to earn money with slots in your establishment.

Why Choose Accel

  • We are the only slot machine provider with dedicated Local Relationship Managers for each location we partner with. Your Relationship Manager will work hand-in-hand with you to ensure you stay compliant with all regulations while optimizing your revenue.
  • Our expert team will help design a gaming strategy and layout to ensure maximum play and revenue. We'll help you design the right gaming room, train your staff on how to take care of your customers and work with you on your marketing strategy.

More questions?

Visit our Illinois gaming pages to get a clearer understanding of how gaming works in Illinois. (Keep in mind, regulations will be different in Missouri.)

* Based on first quarter 2018 gaming revenue. Gaming revenue as reported on www.igb.illinois.gov/videoreports.aspx


Slot Machines Available in the Missouri Video Gaming Market

Although it is not currently clear what equipment would be permitted in the Missouri video gaming market, in the Illinois gaming market, Accel is proud to offer a variety of machines from IGT, Bally, WMS, Spielo, Scientific Games, and Novomatic. This equipment may be similar to what will be allowed in Missouri's future market.  In Illinois, the machines have the following features and requirements:

  • Each individual slot machine has a suite of different types of games, including poker and reel slot games.
  • Illinois slot games are developed specifically for the Illinois gaming market, but many of the same gaming titles can be found in casinos.
  • Upright slot machines are approximately 2.5' wide x 2’ deep x 5’ tall. Slant top slot machines vary in size.
  • 2 x 20 amp breakers @ 120 volts power all five slot machines and the cash redemption machine (which allows patrons to exchange winning vouchers for cash payouts) that are allowed in Illinois. 
  • We partner with NRT Tech for our redemption terminals, which we consider the most reliable in the industry.
  • We also offer amusements such as darts, pool, TouchTunes and a variety video games.
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