Understanding the Illinois Slot Machine Industry

The Illinois Video Gaming Act became law on July 13, 2009, regulating the use of video gaming terminals (VGTs or slot machines) in licensed establishments in Illinois. The regulations of the Illinois gaming industry have changed significantly as the market continues to grow. Licensed video gaming establishments are now allowed six slot machines per location – and specially-licensed large truck stops can have up to ten slot machines!

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How to Get an Illinois Video Gaming License 

Looking to open a video gaming business or add slot machines to your existing business? There are a few steps you will need to complete first.



Does Your Municipality Allow Video Gaming? 

In accordance with the Video Gaming Act, not every municipality in Illinois allows video gaming. The Illinois Gaming Board website is the best place to check whether or not slot machines are allowed in your municipality. If your municipality doesn’t allow video gaming, there are still options to consider. Check out our blog for more helpful tips! If you’re still not sure about whether or not slot machines are allowed in your municipality, don’t hesitate to get in contact with one of our experts – we are happy to help! 


Does Your Location Qualify for Slot Machines? 

In Illinois, there are four categories of Illinois video gaming establishments that the IGB can license: retail, fraternal, veterans and truck stops. However, a wide variety of businesses make up the category of licensed retail establishments, including some that are known as “non-traditional.” Learn more about non-traditional gaming establishments here. Unless you are a truck stop, all video gaming establishments must obtain an on-premises liquor license and serve alcohol.


Have You Partnered with a Terminal Operator? 

Terminal Operators (or TOs) are the licensed companies that own, service, and maintain the slot machines that are placed in Illinois locations. All TOs must abide by the state-determined profit sharing system. The establishment will earn 32.5% of the slot machine income, the TO will earn 32.5%, the state of Illinois earns 29%, the local municipality earns 5%, and less than 1% is paid to Light & Wonder for maintaining the Central Communications System that connects all Illinois slot machines. 


Fill Out Your Video Gaming Application  

The video gaming licensing process can be quite confusing. Luckily, we have broken down the process and created a guide that simplifies everything into seven easy steps. Plus, when you partner with Accel Entertainment, our team will be on hand around the clock to help you tackle the multi-part application.


How Long Does It Take to Get Slot Machines? 

The process for getting licensed as an Illinois Video Gaming Establishment can be a long process, in part depending on your ownership structure. With any licensing process, it’s difficult to determine the exact amount of time it will take to complete. You should not expect to have slot machines immediately after applying. In most cases, you can expect the process to take about 2-3 months.

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How Can Accel Entertainment Help? 

As one of the nation's largest slot machine operators, there are many reasons why more establishment owners choose Accel over any other provider. From our outstanding record of improving our locations’ gaming revenue to our superior customer service, we value our locations as our partners in success.

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Services We Provide

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Optimizing slot machine selection for maximum location revenue.

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Best-in-class technicians, a 24-hour in-house Service Solutions Center and a commitment to preventative maintenance.

> Relationship Managers 

A dedicated point of contact with one mission: maximizing video gaming success.

> Compliance 

Prioritizing our partners’ full compliance with state and local regulations.

> Marketing

Top-of-the-line marketing support, player loyalty, and location promotions.

> Amusements & Leagues 

Premier leagues and entertaining amusement machines at your fingertips.


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