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Discover establishments like yours who have found success with Accel Entertainment

Our relationships with our customers are at the center of everything we do. Accordingly, we believe in taking good care of our customers and providing unparalleled service to increase their profitability.
But don't just take our word for it! Hear from companies just like yours below.
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“I highly recommend them to anybody. If anybody wants to switch, they should go to Accel because that’s the company to be with.” 

- Pete Klementzos, owner of P.J. Klem's in Lyons, Illinois

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“They’re really good partners. They definitely step up and do what they say they’re going to do." 

During a 3-month $10,000 promotion with Accel Entertainment, Gold Mine Gaming saw a 43% increase in AE Player Rewards members.

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“I can see a lot of analytical information on the AE Accelerator portal that I can use to see which machines are performing well.”

Sweet Melissa’s Pizza & Pub made the switch to Accel Entertainment in July 2020. Since then, their hold per day has increased 62% in total.

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“We stepped back with Accel and wanted to come up with a great program for our customers. . . especially our loyal customers.”

With thousands of customers visiting their locations every month, Accel Entertainment and Huck’s teamed up to provide our mutual customers with a massive promotion totaling $10,000 in prizes.

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“We try to do something fun. We try to do something different.”

Berk’s Daiq Shack in Centralia, Illinois, opened its doors in late December 2021. Thanks to owner Berkeley Brown, this paradisal daiquiri establishment has become a hit in Centralia.

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" much as we service our customers, we expect the same service from Accel to us. And we get it, so it’s a good marriage.”

Being around for over 50 years has made Nu Bowl Lanes a household name in Mount Vernon, Illinois – and in 2018 Nu Bowl Lanes made the switch to Accel Entertainment for their gaming needs.

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“I don't think anybody else can do any better than what Accel’s done.”

Kuchie’s Corner Tap in Groveland, Illinois, has grown from a one-man soda stand to the hometown bar it is today. Mike Kuchan (Kuchie) has held the establishment under his care for 11 years. For the past six, he has partnered with Accel Entertainment for all his gaming needs.

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Mama Luigi's Upgrades Video Gaming Operations with Accel Entertainment

A few years after bringing video gaming to his establishment, Jim Talerico, owner of Mama Luigi’s, a Bridgeview, Illinois-based restaurant, was frustrated. Talerico found the terminal operator he was working with didn’t respond to his repeated requests for newer and better equipment.

Mama Luigi’s officially selected Accel as its terminal operator in March 2017, and the difference was immediately apparent to owner Jim Talerico. During the six months post-switchover, from April to September, the restaurant’s NTI from video gaming rose nearly 21 percent.

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“I chose Accel because they had better service, better people."

Pat Summers, owner of After the Fox in McHenry, said his previous terminal operator wasn't helping his location deliver a stellar video gaming experience to its customers. At that time, he decided to look for another slot provider.

After the transition to Accel Entertainment in March 2017, Summers quickly noticed improvements in service compared with the previous Terminal Operator. 

“The service has been wonderful,” he says. “Machines are never down that long, so I’m happy."

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"We're glad we made the change. It's a lot easier for us to do what we do best by partnering with somebody that does what they do best."

Don Cuppini, owner of Slots of Fun in Rockford, Illinois, decided to switch to Accel in January, 2017. He quickly realized that he made the right choice in picking Accel, when he saw the elevated level of service, ranging from cash payouts to supplying new, high-quality games.

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“We’ve been with Accel the entire time. It’s been a wonderful experience.”

Tom Jiaras has owned and operated Hot Slots Getaway, located in Richmond, Illinois, since 2015. Because of the special attention Accel provides around all aspects of the customer’s experience — from providing the latest and greatest video gaming titles to keeping its customers in the loop on things like regulatory developments and revenues — Accel draws high marks from Jiaras.

"Since we first opened our door and we started our partnership with Accel, our business has increased somewhere between 40-50% and it’s been wonderful to do this because success breeds more success."

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“Whatever they said they were going to do, they did it."

Pete Klementzos, who opened P.J. Klem’s in 1984, added video gaming to his restaurant in 2013 shortly after the Illinois Gaming Board began licensing establishments across the state. He switched his terminal operator to Accel in July 2017 and from the start, he was very pleased with his decision.

Not only does Klementzos share that there was virtually no down time during his switch, he also saw his NTI raise by a staggering 54%. 

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"It's a nice company, Accel is a nice company. I would recommend them for other people."

Gurjit Nanrhe made the decision to partner with Accel Entertainment and open his own gaming parlor - The Air Jiffy Lounge - outside Springfield, Illinois. With the help of Accel Entertainment's top-of-the-line technical assistance and expert marketing support, Nanrhe was able to make The Air Jiffy Lounge a total success.

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“Obviously, I can have anybody's games sitting in here. . . but it comes down to the service side" 

Pheasant Lanes Family Fun Center in Bloomington, Illinois went live with Accel Entertainment's gaming in 2016 and has been a valued partner of ours ever since. Gaming Manager David Bartlett knows that strong relationships are a big reason for Pheasant Lanes' video gaming success.

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"We're very, very happy with the results. . . and we're looking forward to partnering with Accel again."

Spread throughout the Chicagoland suburbs are fifteen Lenny's Gas N Wash locations, many of which have been live with Accel gaming for years. While our video gaming has been very successful at the chain, it is the marketing support provided by Accel that truly strengthens our partnership.

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