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The right entertainment can mean the difference between an average location and a great one!

We’re proud to be one of the largest amusement operators in the state. We supply businesses of all kinds with amusements, including bars, restaurants, bowling alleys, roller rinks and movie theaters across the state of Illinois. Here’s what we value:

Transparency Every time we collect money, we provide you with your split of the revenue immediately, along with an itemized breakdown of earnings for each machine.

Quality We’re constantly maintaining and upgrading our inventory of amusements, and making sure we have the latest available version of various product lines.

Reliability If you choose Accel as a supplier, you can expect your amusements will be installed quickly and optimally. If something breaks, we fix it — fast.

Illinois Darts

Illinois Darts is Accel's premier darts organization - comprised of regional leagues and tournaments throughout the state.

Through leagues and tournaments, players can receive great payouts and rewards. These leagues run in the summer, fall and winter - new teams are forming now!

Get Your Bar Involved with Illinois Darts or Join a League as a Player

Learn more about Illinois Darts here

Illinois Darts

Dart Boards

As Arachnid’s newest and most advanced dartboard to date, the Galaxy 3 Live sports exciting new features for players, including worldwide online play, tracked player rankings and statistics, and a literally revolutionary target board. With so many new opportunities for head-to-head play, this dartboard is sure to ignite the competitive spark in league and casual players alike!

Features of the Galaxy 3 Live include:

  • Online casual and league gameplay – play anyone in the world, from anywhere!
  • Worldwide player rankings and stats
  • Arachnid’s fully integrated league system, including compatibility with all our league support products
  • Reversible darthead with both 15″ and 13″ targets
  • New graphics, sounds and feat animations
  • Attractive full-color LED illumination, synchronized with attract mode and feats
  • Full slate of 01 and Cricket games, including all your Arachnid favorites



TouchTunes is the largest in-venue interactive music and entertainment platform, featured in over 60,000 bars and restaurants across North America. Our network supports a growing portfolio of location-based digital solutions that encourage social interactions through shared experiences.

The World's First Smart JukeBox

Virtuo is a showpiece of form and function that supports multiple entertainment services including the TouchTunes mobile app, PhotoBooth and Karaoke.


Diamond Pool Table

Pool Tables

Diamond Billiards

In 1987, a group of dedicated pool players in Louisville, Kentucky formed a small company based on a simple but unique idea creating a table that would so surpass all others in quality and craftsmanship that it would become the standard for national and international tournament play. Achieving that goal had three strategic elements: (1) using the table in major tournament events, (2) seeking comments and advice from experienced, top professionals about the table’s ‘playability’, and, (3) heeding those comments by adding features and making refinements that improved its performance. For example, various specifications which determine the degree of difficulty or ‘tightness’ of the pockets, such as the ‘cut angle’ and pocket size, were continuously changed to find just the ‘right’ configuration. Other features were refined in the same way. 

Valley Pool Tables

For well over 50 years, Valley® has been the industry leader in the coin-operated pool table market. Valley's quality, reliability and durability give the operator the much-needed return on investment around which he can build his route, while Valley's playability makes our table "The Players Choice". For 18 straight years, the Best Coin-Operated Pool Table.


Golden Tee Live

Golden Tee LIVE is designed for commercial use, and uses groundbreaking wireless data transmission technology that allows players to compete in worldwide contests, track their play stats, and a host of other online game features.

Pitting video golfers across the world in head-to-head contests for prizes or glory, Golden Tee LIVE takes excitement to new heights by combining it with real-time competition. From the comfort of their local taverns and restaurants, tens of thousands of players can play live and compete simultaneously while scores are updated universally, hole-by-hole.

Golden Tee LIVE 2015 offers players 5 brand new 18-hole courses, bringing the total course count to an unprecedented 50. Streamlined menus and a vast array of quality-of-life touches make the game experience more immersive and enjoyable than ever, even while speeding up game play. Enhanced game graphics and visual effects now support 1080p resolution, making Golden Tee LIVE 2015 more powerful and eye-catching than any home system.

Golden Tee Machine Portrait

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