Slots of Fun

Don Cuppini, owner of Slots of Fun, decided to switch the location’s terminal operator to Accel in January 2017. He quickly realized that he made the right choice in picking Accel, when he saw the elevated level of service, ranging from cash payouts to supplying new, high-quality games.

In the eight months after Slots of Fun switched over to Accel, the location saw an increase of 26 percent in their Net Terminal Income (NTI).

“Our customer experience from switching to Accel has been fantastic."

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“We don’t have machines that are down for days any longer or ATM machines where they’re waiting to get a payout on a ticket. That’s handled a lot faster. We have very little down time and it interrupts our clients a lot less. Which is always a benefit.”

Cuppini decided to switch Slots of Fun’s terminal operator to Accel in January 2017. He admits that he wasn’t completely certain he was making the right decision in changing over, but one of the nice things about having Accel Entertainment as a partner in the video gaming business is the fact that the machines tend to be up and running nearly all of the time.

“We’re glad we made the change. It’s a lot easier for us to do what we do best by partnering with somebody that does what they do best.”


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