Nu Bowl Lanes in Mt. Vernon

Superior Service in Gaming

“The next day Accel came in, put everything in, and I don’t think we were down 24 hours from the old operator to Accel… it’s been a good relationship since.”

Gregg Pasdiora, Owner, Nu Bowl Lanes

Being around for over 50 years has made Nu Bowl Lanes a household name in Mount Vernon, Illinois – and in 2018 Nu Bowl Lanes made the switch to Accel Entertainment for their gaming needs.

This testimonial features certain detail about the Illinois gaming market that, while accurate at the time of filming, may not reflect current policies.
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" much as we service our customers, we expect the same service from Accel to us. And we get it, so it’s a good marriage.”

Gregg Pasdiora, Owner, Nu Bowl Lanes

Accel Entertainment is ready to be there in every way possible for our partner locations. From running company promotions that foster patron loyalty to assisting in re-designing gaming areas, Accel wants to help our locations find success in everything they do. Because we understand their success is our success.

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