Mama Luigi's

“We got all the latest games, the latest machines, more variety."

A few years after bringing video gaming to his establishment, Jim Talerico was frustrated. The owner of Mama Luigi’s, a Bridgeview, Illinois -based restaurant founded in 1948, Talerico found the terminal operator he was working with didn’t respond to his repeated requests for newer and better equipment.

Mama Luigi’s officially selected Accel as its terminal operator in March 2017, and the difference was immediately apparent to Talerico. 

“When they went to install, they were ready,” he explains. “As soon as the space was available for them to put their equipment in, they put it in, got it hooked up, and we were up and running."

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"We’ve had an excellent relationship with Accel from the very beginning. They’re not skimpy about giving us what we need to promote our end of the business. They’re doing a great job.”

The proof of impact is in the numbers: From September 2016 to February 2017 (the six months preceding Mama Luigi’s transition to Accel), the Net Terminal Income (NTI) from video gaming was $66,057. Following the switchover, the restaurant’s NTI from video gaming rose to $79,654 from April to September 2017, an increase of nearly 21 percent. And that’s not the only thing that’s improved. Talerico points to the service provided by Accel as a clear advantage.

“It’s been great,” he says. “We have no problem: Make a phone call, and typically they’re here within about an hour. We’ve had no problem at all with them coming out, whether it’s a ticket jam or ATM needs to be replaced or something inside there needs to be changed. It’s been very good."


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