Lenny's Gas N Wash

Taking Marketing to the Next Level

"We're very, very happy with the results. It ran without a hitch, and we're looking forward to partnering with Accel again."

Jeannine Skarbek-Kubas, Marketing Director, Gas N Wash

Spread throughout the Chicagoland suburbs are fifteen Lenny's Gas N Wash locations, many of which have been live with Accel gaming for years. While our video gaming has been very successful at the chain, it is the marketing support provided by Accel that truly strengthens our partnership.

This testimonial features certain detail about the Illinois gaming market that, while accurate at the time of filming, may not reflect current policies.
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“Logistics of planning a promotion like this [can be] daunting. . . It was a win-win situation for us." 

Jeannine Skarbek-Kubas, Lenny's Gas N Wash

From March through June in 2021, ten of the Gas N Wash locations participated in a co-operative Spring Fling promotion with the help of Accel Entertainment. The goal? To reward patrons for their loyalty.

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