Hot Slots Getaway

Tom Jiaras has owned and operated Hot Slots Getaway, located in Richmond, Illinois, since 2015. Because of the special attention Accel provides around all aspects of the customer’s experience — from providing the latest and greatest video gaming titles to keeping its customers in the loop on things like regulatory developments and revenues — Accel draws high marks from Jiaras.


“We’ve been with Accel the entire time. It’s been a wonderful

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"It’s been wonderful to do this because success breeds more success. It’s fun to be with a company that gives you what you need to be successful.”

Standing apart from other licensed video gaming locations is important for the success of any establishment, but it’s especially critical for Hot Slots Getaway, since it's located on the border of Wisconsin (which doesn't have legalized video gaming).

Fortunately, Jiaras has Accel in his corner, which has been his Terminal Operator since he opened the doors of this video gaming café. Accel has helped him differentiate Hot Slots Getaway in a competitive field. He believes that what sets his location apart from the competition is the focus on establishing a strong relationship with customers by delivering a superior experience. He attributes Accel as being an invaluable partner in making that happen.
"Since we first opened our door and we started our partnership with Accel, our business has increased somewhere between 40-50% and it’s been, it’s been wonderful to do this because success breeds more success."

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